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“You want to come, baby girl?” he asks and I nod, a moan escaping me when he pinches my clit. “Say it.”

“I want to come,” I whisper as I tilt my hips up, looking for his fingers to touch me in a particular way.

He stills those magical fingers between my legs. “Beg for it.”

The man is mean, in the absolute sexiest way possible. “Please let me come. Please. I need it.”

“You need what?”

“To come.” He flicks my clit, a teasing glance that makes me clamp my thighs around his hand to keep him there.

“Who can do that for you, baby?”

“You.” Yes, him. The sensitive skin between my legs tingles with anticipation and I feel like I’m drowning in desire.

He bites my earlobe, emitting a low growl that sends a shiver through me. “Say my name.”

“Please, Max. Make me come.”

“You want to come in my mouth or on my fingers?”

My legs go so weak at his words, at the images they conjure, I swear they feel like jelly. Thank God I’m not standing or I’d drop to the floor. “I …”

He removes his hand from my pussy, making me moan at the loss. “Tell me what you want, Lily.”

“I want your mouth.”

“Hmm, let’s do this, baby.” He swivels me around, yanking me on top of him so we’re in a sixty-nine position. My feet are on either side of his head, my knees at his shoulders, my backside in his face. I brace my hands on the mattress, his hips between my arms, his majestic cock thick and ready in front of my mouth. Just as I feel his skilled mouth land on my pussy I draw his cock between my lips, sucking the head of him, the salty essence of his pre-come coating my tongue.

He moans against me, his low voice sending a ripple of sensation across my sensitive skin. I pull him deeper into my mouth, licking him slowly with my tongue as he licks at me. His fingers come into the mix, teasing my entry as his tongue circles my clit and I lift up away from his cock, lost to the feeling of his mouth on my pussy, taking me higher and higher …

“That’s it, baby, grind on my face,” he encourages me and oh God, I do. Shamelessly. I can feel his stubble-covered chin brush against my folds and it drives me wild. His tongue slides all over my skin, like he wants to taste every inch of me. His fingers … oh my God, his fingers are moving up, pressing against my ass, teasing me there, sending me straight over the brink …

I’m climaxing on a gasp, his name falling from my lips as I come all over his face, just like he demanded I do. His hands reach up to grip my hips, steadying me as I grind and shudder all over his lips and tongue. He doesn’t stop licking me, touching me, his fingers playing with an area I’ve never really allowed anyone to touch before. The sensation of his finger pressing at my ass, his lips wrapped tightly around my clit, has me coming again. To the point where the moment the shudders leave me, I’m trying my best to get away from him, my skin is so sensitive.

“Stop, please. I can’t take it anymore,” I tell him on an agonized moan, and he releases his hold on me so I can climb away from him and fall at his side. I press against him, my arm going across his stomach, my fingers resting close to his still hard cock. “I failed you.”

He starts to laugh, sounding rusty. Makes me wonder if he doesn’t laugh much. “How?”

“I didn’t finish you off.” I trace my finger around the head of his cock and it twitches beneath my touch. “And you definitely finished me off. Twice.”

Max kisses my forehead, his hand going to my breast, fingers playing with my nipple. “We still have time. I don’t have to leave just yet.”

I slide between his legs, lying on my stomach, his cock poised and ready at my lips. “Then let me help you with this.” I grip the base of him and lift up, slipping my lips around his thick cock and sucking him deep.

So deep, I feel him touch the back of my throat and I swallow, trying to relax the muscles there. He’s big. He tastes salty, his musky scent filling my nostrils, swimming in my head. My pussy clenches, as if I didn’t just come twice already, and I can’t believe how sucking him, touching him, is getting me off, too.

“You taste so good,” I murmur after I withdraw him from my mouth. I smile, run my tongue up and down the length of him, putting on a show, knowing how much guys love to watch.

And Max is just like any other guy. They can’t help it; it’s in their DNA. He reaches forward and sweeps my hair away from my face, holding it in his fist as he studies me intently. My gaze never leaves his as I lave attention onto the head of his cock, my fingers gripping his base as I lick him up and down.

“Suck it harder, princess,” he grits out and I do as he asks, my cheeks hollowing when I suck him deeper. Harder. “That’s it. Fuck, your mouth feels like heaven.”

Pleasure ripples through me at his compliments. I brush his thigh with my hand, feel the muscles jump beneath my touch, and I remove his cock from my mouth with a smile. “I like touching you.”

“Keep sucking, baby,” he orders, and I flash him a wicked smirk before I rear up and drop little kisses all over his flat belly. The muscles quiver beneath my lips, his cock twitches against my chest, and he releases his hold on my hair so that it falls all around me, tickling his skin.

“Fuck,” he grits out when I lick and nip his skin, teasing him. “You’re making me crazy.”

“Just returning the favor,” I murmur, my tongue searching the path of dark hair that stretches from below his navel to his cock. “You made me feel like I was losing my mind only a few minutes ago.”

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