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I’d been awake the entire time, waiting for him. I knew he’d show up and when I heard the screen door slide open, I had to bite my lips to keep from saying something.

It had been difficult, staying still while I could feel him watching me. I’d never felt sexier, never felt so alive and excited and terrified. My heart had pounded in my chest so hard I swore he could hear it and my entire body was overcome with shivers. I’d loved every moment and when I surprised him? I’d felt triumphant. Sexy.

In control.

But he took the control away from me within seconds, something that has never happened before. I don’t like anyone telling me what to do. I never have.

Until Max.

“Touch me,” I urge, spreading my legs farther, inviting him to continue his exploration.

He does exactly what I want, his deft fingers searching my folds, one long finger pushing deep inside my aching pussy. I whimper, savoring his invasion but wanting something more. Something bigger, thicker. Longer.

“I want inside you so fucking bad,” he grits out, that sexy low growl I’m starting to love coming from deep inside his chest. He sounds tortured, which is good because I am 100 percent tortured and I want him feeling everything I am at the same time.

“I want you inside me, too,” I whisper, moaning when he adds a second finger, then another. He’s fucking me with three fingers, I can hear my wet pussy as he pushes them in and out, and I close my eyes, bite my lip to keep from crying out. He plunges deep, touching a spot inside of me that makes me gasp, makes me tremble, and I want more.

“You ready for me?”

I nod, hoping he can see the frantic movement of my head. I can’t speak, I’m so overcome with the sensation of his long fingers thrusting inside me, his thumb coming around to press against my clit, and then I’m coming, unintelligible words falling from my lips as my entire body is consumed with shudders. My inner walls grip his fingers again and again and I collapse on the bed because my body’s too weak to hold me up. He withdraws his fingers from my body before he grips me by the hips and turns me over again so I’m on my back.

He’s flipped me around over and over since he showed up as if I weigh nothing and God, I like it. The way he takes full ownership of my body, pushing me into position, driving me wild. He’s commanding, a little rough, a little crude.

A lot sexy.

“Well, well, well, look at this.” His fingers trace just above my pubic hair. “Another tattoo.”

I say nothing, my heart is still pounding too hard and I’m afraid if I try to speak, nothing will come out but a rusty gasp of breath. He brings his fingers, shiny with my juices, to his mouth and licks them, the sight of his tongue making everything inside of me twist with yearning.

He hasn’t even really kissed me yet and I’m dying to feel that tongue of his slide against mine.

“What does it say?” he asks, flashing me a satisfied grin. He knows what he just made me do, how hard he just made me come, and I can see the pride etched all over his handsome face. He’s on a power trip and I’ll give it to him. I have to.

“Get a little closer and find out for yourself,” I finally encourage him breathlessly. My heart is racing as though I just ran twenty miles and it’s hard for me to concentrate, I’m still so blissed out.

Max does as I tell him to, his mouth hovering above my pussy, his eyes glued on the tattoo he’s just discovered. He traces it with his finger again, over every curve of every letter.

“ ‘Keep me wild.’ ” He lifts his head, his eyes meeting mine. “What exactly are you referring to, princess?”

I reach for him, grabbing his hand and pulling him up so he falls on top of me and I whisper against his lips, “That’s what I want from you,” just before I kiss him.

The kiss is dirty. Rough. Primal. Tongues and teeth and bites and sucks, no romantic softness, but I want none of that. I prefer this. Raw and uninhibited, our breaths come fast, our mouths frantic. My hands are in his hair and his are in mine, tugging and pulling and making me whimper, making him growl. Our legs are entwined and his cock is brushing against my belly, leaving wet streaks in its wake because he’s so aroused he’s leaking pre-come everywhere.

I wish I could taste it.

He rears up just as I grab for his cock, my fingers curled tight around the base. It throbs against my fingers, hard steel covered with velvet, and I lift my lids to find him watching me, his jaw tight, his mouth grim, his eyes glittering.

“I need a condom.”

“Did you bring one?” I ask, stroking him, squeezing my fingers around all that hot, silky skin.

His eyes close and a shudder courses through his body. I continue my paces, stroking him up … and down. Up and down. “I have one in my wallet,” he whispers, the last word hissing out.

“Then go get it.” I release my grip on him and he leaps out of bed, going to where he left his clothes on the floor and rummaging through them until he finds his wallet. I lift up on my elbows, staring at his fine ass, the muscles that ripple and flex as he moves.

My mouth waters and I wonder what he might do if I bit him there.

He flips open his wallet and pulls out the wrapper, flashing me a triumphant smile before he climbs back onto the bed, joining me with condom in hand.

“Can I put it on?” I ask innocently, dying to touch him again. I’d suck him into my mouth if he’d let me, but I’m also eager to know what it’s like to have him deep inside my body. Taking me. Fucking me …

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