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How dangerous that is. How lucky she is that I’m a relatively good guy who snuck into her room, ready to fulfill her every fantasy, and not some violent asshole that’s hell bent on hurting her.

Yeah. My rationalization for my actions wouldn’t fly with the law. I don’t know who I’m trying to convince.

Maybe yourself?

A soft, feminine sigh lingers in the air and Lily is pushing her ass into my hand, almost as if she knows it’s there. I caress her skin, swear I can feel the heat of her pussy, and then she’s humming, a sweet little sound that definitely indicates she feels my touch.

And she likes it.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she whispers and I go completely still, wondering if I should jump out of the bed and get the fuck out of here. What if she calls security? What if she already did? Or worse, what if she tries to wrench off my nuts?

“I knew you’d come back,” she continues as she scoots closer to me, her back to my front, her bare ass brushing against my cock, which happily rises to the occasion. Only the thin barrier of my underwear prevents me from slipping inside her and I grit my teeth, tell myself to get it together.

I say nothing and Lily lifts her arms behind her so they come around my neck, her hands at my nape, and I automatically wrap my arms around her waist, my fingers resting against the soft skin of her stomach. “You’re pretty bold, you know, sneaking into my room.”

So she’s really okay with this? “You wanted it,” I say, as a sort of test. I skim my hands up her stomach and she arches forward, my palms cradling her breasts.

A laugh escapes her and she squeezes tighter around my neck. “I did. I still do,” she admits softly, a little moan escaping her when I run my thumbs over her nipples, back and forth over the beaded points. “God, your hands are so big.”

“I’m a crazy motherfucker for doing this,” I tell her. She needs to know what a risk I took, sneaking in here. What a risk she took by leaving her door unlocked for any old asshole to walk in and attack her. I should spank her ass for doing something so careless.

I wonder if she’d like it if I tried to spank her ass.

“I have a thing for crazy motherfuckers,” she admits, her breath catching in her throat when I pinch her nipple hard. “Are you really here to make my fantasy come true?”

“Yes.” I lean into her and nibble on her ear, making her gasp. “Are you going to do what I say, no questions? I need total submission from you, princess. No protests. No arguing.”

She nods, her hair brushing against my face. I love the smell of her. I could inhale her all damn day. “Whatever you want me to do. I’m yours.”

Her words sound way too good. She shouldn’t make promises she probably can’t keep.

“So when I tell you what to do, you’ll do it? I won’t push you too far. I’ll make sure and give you everything you want, baby girl.” She shivers when I call her that, and I caress her breasts, holding them in my hands. I’m dying to suck her nipples into my mouth and really taste her, feel her squirm beneath me and beg me for more. “I promise.”

“I promise, too,” she whispers. The purr of satisfaction in her voice is raw and unfiltered. I want her falling apart in my arms. I want her gasping, unable to breathe, unable to fucking think.

I probably want too much from a woman I barely know but damn it, that’s exactly what I need to experience, too. It’s been too long since I’ve lost myself inside a woman. I’ve been too wrapped up in other shit. Stupid shit that holds me back and fucks with my head.

“Then let’s get started, princess.” I release her breasts and pull away from her, her hands falling from around my neck. Placing my hands on her back, I give her a gentle push. “Lie on your stomach.”

She does as I say, no questions asked, no protesting, kicking the comforter away from her body so all I see is naked flesh as she rolls over onto her stomach. She folds her arms underneath her head, resting her cheek on her entwined hands so she can watch me. Her eyes glow in the dim light and my skin tightens the longer she looks at me.

“You have too much clothing on,” she observes.

I glance down at my underwear, my cock straining against the front like it wants to burst free, a tiny spot of wetness from leaking pre-come. “I get naked and I’m bound to fuck you.”

Her eyes heat and her lips curve in a tiny smile. “But that’s exactly what I want.”

“I’m sure.” I hover over her, pushing her hair away from her neck. “We’ll get there,” I murmur against her skin just before I kiss her nape. Lick her, her salty sweetness dissolving on my tongue, making me crave more.

Without moving away from her neck I shift so I’m completely over her, my knees on either side of her hips, my mouth still at her nape, my hands curling around her front. She lifts up, allowing my hands to slide between her body and the mattress, and I cup her breasts, kneading them, running the heel of my palms up and down, teasing her nipples.

I lift away from her nape and that’s when I spot a tattoo. High up on her neck, almost hidden completely by her hairline, is a bird—a flock of them, at least five, seeming to try and escape into her hair. “Nice tattoo,” I say.

“You found my birds,” she murmurs as she bends her head, allowing me a better glimpse. I trace each bird with the tip of my finger, enjoying the hide-and-seek game we’re having with her ink. “I never get to see them.”

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