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I close my eyes and breathe deep the scent of her hair, thrusting my cock slow and easy against the curve of her ass as I slide my hand back down her throat, caressing her delicate collarbone and then lower, the erratic thump of her heart pounding against my palm. We would be so fucking good together. I shouldn’t do this. It goes against every work ethic I have, messing around with my subject, with anyone related to my work, but I think that’s half the thrill.

Knowing that being with her is … forbidden.


“Then what happens?” I open my eyes and tilt my head down just as she turns to look at me from over her shoulder. I see the arousal in her gaze, feel the shiver that steals through her. She sinks her teeth into her lower lip as she contemplates what to say next.

“I … I don’t know. I never get that far in my fantasy.” Her gaze drops to my mouth and lingers there for a long, tension-filled moment. I wonder if she’s afraid to push the fantasy farther in her thoughts. Most people don’t want to know how far they’d go for sexual satisfaction. “You think I’m weird, huh.”

“No.” I drop my hand from her chest, resting both of my hands at her hips. “I think you’re brave for revealing that to me.”

Slowly she turns in my arms, staring up at me as if I’ve sprouted two heads. “Really?”

I nod. “Everyone has dark fantasies they’re uncomfortable sharing.”

Her expression fills with interest. “What’s yours?”

Pressing my forehead to hers, I whisper, “I sneak into a beautiful woman’s room and watch her while she sleeps. She doesn’t know I’m there and that makes me … hard.”

“Oh.” Her eyes go dark.

“You want to hear more?”

There’s no hesitation. “Yes, please.”

The girl definitely gets off on this sort of thing. “So I take off all my clothes and sneak into her bed, only to discover that she’s naked, too …” I let my voice drift off.

“What happens next?” she asks eagerly.

“Well, maybe I’ll show you.” I lift my head away from hers so I can gauge her reaction.

Her eyes go wider. “How?”

Smiling, I murmur, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Chapter eight


I’M FUCKING CRAZY. I have straight-up lost my mind and I need to leave before I do something really stupid and risk my career forever.

Yet here I am, standing in front of Lily’s bungalow after I snuck into the exclusive area by hopping over the gate, my hands shoved deep into the pockets of my black cargo pants, the warm tropical wind whipping around me and making my hair fly into my eyes.

I push the hair away from my forehead and scratch the back of my neck, contemplating my next move. It’s late. Past midnight. I waited on purpose, walking Lily to the entrance of the bungalow area after we left Vice, giving her a soft, chaste kiss before I whispered in her ear, asking her which bungalow she’s in.

“Number eight,” she murmured, looking disappointed when I didn’t say anything else, didn’t make a move to kiss her again. “Do you …”

I shook my head, cutting her off. “Maybe I’ll see you later,” I tell her pointedly, hoping she got the hint.

But the disappointment was still there, written all over her expressive face. She didn’t want me to leave. She wanted me to come back to her bungalow and get naked. Hell, I haven’t even really tasted her mouth yet, though I felt her wet panties, the heat emanating from her pussy.

The moment I went back to my hotel room, I wanted to jack off. My cock was aching, my mind filled with thoughts of licking Lily all over her body, driving her wild with my tongue, making her come and fucking her hard.

But I held back. I did nothing but take a cold shower and will my erection to go down. Dressed in all black and snuck out like a thief in the night, my thoughts wild with the prospect of having Lily naked and beneath me soon.

I’m a man desperate for a woman. And only one woman will do.

Glancing about and making sure no one is near, I skirt around the premises, ducking along the side of the building and out of view of the windows. I go around to the back of Lily’s bungalow, opening a tiny gate that’s unlocked and leads to the beach. The moon is full tonight, shining its silvery light so that the sand is bright and the whitecaps of the waves stand out stark against the swirling dark blue sea. It’s a beautiful evening, not one on which I should be sneaking into Lily’s room and possibly scaring the shit out of her.

But she wants it. It’s her deepest, darkest fantasy and I’m hell bent on fulfilling it. What if she freaks out? What if she was feeding me a line of bullshit and she calls security on my ass and I somehow end up getting arrested?

That would ruin everything. Not that I’ve been following my plan to get into that laptop and destroy whatever’s inside it. My fascination with Lily shot that to hell. I’ve never been so distracted on a case before and I can only blame her.

If everything fell apart, Pilar would want to kill me. My cover would be blown, my reputation trashed. I shouldn’t risk it.

I should turn back right now. Go back to my hotel room and hope like hell I run into her in the morning. I know I would, because we always find each other. And I could come up with some sort of excuse, tell her I’m sorry, that I fell asleep and maybe I could make it up to her? I bet she’d understand. I bet I could convince her to understand.

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