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Wiping a hand across my mouth, I shake my head, unable to speak.

What the fuck did I just do?

Chapter Eighteen


I can’t move. I can hardly breathe. My God, I don’t think I can even see.

I believe Caden just fucked me to death.

My bones are like jelly, my heart racing triple time, and I trail my shaky fingers through the semen that’s splattered across my belly, smearing it across my skin. It’s warm and sticky and thank God he pulled out in time or else I’d be worried.

It was so amazing, though, having Caden inside of me without a condom on. Risky and stupid, but he felt so good. Too good.

I want to do it again.

I can feel him above me, hear him breathe, hear him swallow hard. He sounds just as overwhelmed as I feel and when I finally crack my eyes open I see him reach out, his fingers light on my stomach as he, too, touches the come he left there. Marking me like some sort of primitive beast, it had been all sorts of hot.

“I, uh, got a little carried away there for a moment,” he admits, his gaze lifting to meet mine. I see a hint of doubt in the depths of his gaze and I want to reassure him. I want to tell him I liked it. Loved it, even.

He can’t take the entire blame for this. I was just as out of control. Out of my freaking mind with pleasure. “It’s okay,” I reassure him, reaching for his hand so I can clasp our fingers together.

He smiles at me, flicking his head so his sweat-dampened hair isn’t hanging in his eyes. “You’re fucking beautiful,” he whispers.

I shake my head, embarrassed for some reason. What just happened between us … I can’t explain it. I feel closer to him. I feel as if he’s become a part of me.

Does he feel the same?

“Don’t deny it.” He collapses beside me, gathering me in his arms so he can hold me close, my back to his front. His cock is still hard, poking against my butt, and I’m amazed.

And aroused. Still. But I don’t know if my body can take another round. Yet.

“You’re gorgeous, you know. All limp and sated after I made you come.” His voice is full of pride. He likes that he just did this to me. That he wrecked me for any other man. No one has ever made me feel like Caden does.


“I made you come too,” I point out, smiling when he squeezes me close and drops a kiss to my shoulder.

“Yeah, you did,” he murmurs against my temple. “It felt fucking amazing, being inside you bare.”

It so did. I need to get on the pill stat if we’re going to continue this … relationship. Whatever the heck we’re doing. I’ve never had sex without a condom before and when he first slipped inside me, hot and slick and with no thin piece of rubber between us, I almost came on the spot.

His hands move up so he’s touching my breasts, rubbing them, circling my nipples, and I sigh as my body melts into his, savoring his touch, the little sparks of heat that light my skin as he continues to toy with my nipples. “I love the way you touch me,” I tell him in a heated whisper.

He doesn’t falter, just keeps caressing my skin, driving me crazy, ramping up the warmth within me when I came only moments ago. “I love touching you,” he murmurs. “I could fuck you all night. For days. You’re all I want, Ro. All I need.”

I want to believe him, but I don’t know if I can. He’s opened up some but not enough. Our sexual connection is so incredibly strong, but what about our emotional connection? Would he want a real relationship with me? Or are we both caught up in the fantasy of being in another country, not dealing with work or friends or family—for the most part, considering I’m dealing with the life-changing choice of quitting the family business—all alone, just the two of us in this hotel suite?

His cock is rock hard, pressing between my butt cheeks, and I squirm against him, making him groan. “Tease.” He grips my hips, brushing the head of his cock along my crack, and I roll away from him, onto my stomach. He follows me, tugging on my hips so I lift myself onto my knees, and another moan escapes him as he runs his hand across my backside, his fingertips playing with my pussy. I’m so wet, and it would be so easy for him to slide back inside me. I want it. I want him. I feel almost crazed with it. “You want my cock?” he asks.

“Please,” I say into the pillow, my voice muffled. My legs are shaking, my entire body is trembling, and I brace myself on my elbows, wagging my ass at him to spur him on to do something about it and quick.

“Ah, baby. You drive me fucking insane with this sexy body of yours.” He pulls me back, his hands firm on my hips as he guides me onto his cock. My body takes him, slowly but surely, until my ass is brushing his stomach and I can feel his heavy balls press against my pussy.

He is so thick and so long. When he pulls out, it seems to take forever, a delicious drag of flesh against flesh, and I shudder and cry out, a surprised gasp flying from my lips when he rams his cock back inside of me, hard and so fast I swear I see stars.

“I gotta be careful,” Caden says, his voice tense, his fingers gripping my hips so hard I know he’s going to leave bruises again.

But I don’t care. I want the bruises. I love the reminder that he’s taken my body so perfectly.

“Why?” I ask on another gasp. I swivel my hips, working his cock, and he smacks my ass playfully, commanding me to stop.

I don’t want to stop. I want to come again. I need to come again. When we’re naked together, it’s as if I have no control. All I want are the endless orgasms he’s so good at delivering. I crave his touch, his words, the comfort he gives me.

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