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She looks beautiful. Aroused.

She looks like mine.

Resting my hands on her ass, I pull her in and she takes a step closer. “Spread your legs,” I mutter against her thigh and she does, offering me a heart-stopping view of her glistening pink depths. I lick her there, one long swoop across her folds with my tongue flat, and she shudders, my name falling from her lips.

“You like that?” I ask, not needing to hear her answer. I know she likes it. She loves it when I go down on her and I love going down on her, so it’s a win-win for us both.

Like when she sucks my cock. I know she enjoys it. Hell, one time she gave me a blow job while grinding her pussy on my upper thigh the entire time, coming all over my leg just as I was spurting inside her mouth.

Talk about hot. The woman is insatiable.

I lick and tease, flick my tongue against her clit, thrust it inside of her, my hands gripping her ass and keeping her steady. She settles her hands in my hair, her little moans and whimpers driving me on, and then she’s pulling my hair, begging me to stop.

That’s not a normal request. Pulling away, I gaze up at her. “You want me to stop?”

She nods furiously, her hair spilling everywhere. “I want you inside of me,” she whispers.

I’m down with that. Standing to my full height, I strip off my clothes in a hurry, watching as she removes her bra and goes to the bed, pulling back the comforter so it falls on the floor. She crawls onto the mattress, her body gleaming with a light sheen of sweat, her breasts jiggling as she falls on her back in the center of the bed.

Bending at the knee, she plants her foot on the mattress, her thighs spread, the look on her face pure temptation. “Going to join me?”

I say nothing, just go to her like a man caught in her spell—and I am a man caught in her spell. She pulls me down on top of her, her mouth meeting mine in a hot, wet kiss that I drown in.

Her legs hook around my hips and she anchors herself to me, her pussy nestled close to my cock. She’s wet and slippery and I thrust against her once. Twice. Slip just the head of my cock in, and the heat radiating from within her body feels incredible.

“Oh, God,” she chokes out as I slip a little deeper inside, the breath leaving my lungs in one harsh gust when I feel the velvety hot clasp of her inner walls tighten around my cock. No barriers, just flesh on flesh, and I realize my mistake as I thrust deep, filling her completely.

“Fuck, Ro, you feel so damn good.” I remain unmoving inside her body, my cock pulsing, her pussy twitching. “I forgot the condom.”

She goes still, her hands resting on my chest and giving me a little shove. It changes the angle, sending me deeper, and then she’s clutching my shoulders, moaning as she arches against me, and it feels like my cock is touching her womb, I’m so deep. “I’m … clean,” she gasps.

Bracing my hands on either side of her head, I stare down at her, watching as she writhes against me, working herself on my cock, her eyes closed, her head thrown back. “I’m clean too,” I whisper. “But are you … good? Like on the pill or … whatever?” Could I sound more like an asshole teen making sure the girl I’m fucking in the backseat of my car isn’t going to get knocked up?

Rose opens her eyes, a little smile curving her lips. “I’m fine. My period should be here any day now.”

Uh-huh. Isn’t that what they all say? Not that I’ve ever had personal experience with this sort of situation, but …

“I’ll pull out,” I reassure her, loving the way she feels, my entire body tense and ready to fuck. All I want to do is take her. Ram myself inside of her body again and again and fill her with my come, which has got to be some weird, primal, instinctual thing. I don’t know. I’ve never had these sorts of thoughts.

Then again, I’ve never felt like this for any woman until Rose.

Finally unable to stand it any longer, I begin to move, slowly working my cock in and out of her body. She moans with my every thrust and I bend over her, kissing and sucking her nipples, gathering her ass in my hands so I can hold her closer and control my movements within her.

Her legs are tight around my hips, her arms wrapped around my neck. Our bodies are so close, chest to chest, heart to heart, and I’m panting in her ear, whispering how good she feels, how much I want to come, how much I want her to come.

She nods furiously, her hair tickling my cheeks, strands catching in the stubble that lines my jaw. “So close,” she whispers as she turns her face into my neck. I can feel her lips brand me, hot and damp, as she speaks. “Harder, Caden. Please.”

Losing all control at her urging, I fuck her fiercely, my movements ragged as I grip her ass tight and pound inside of her. My mind is empty and all I can focus on is my need to come, my need to make Rose come. Like an animal intent on reaching my satisfaction no matter what it takes. Primitive. Possessive.


Rose falls first, a long, shuddery moan sounding from deep within her as I feel her pussy clench and ripple along the length of my cock. I grit my teeth, fighting against the need to spurt deep inside her body, and then I’m pulling out of her in a rush, my hand going around the base of my cock as I come all over her quivering stomach.

“Jesus,” I utter, my breathing so hard my chest aches as I stare down at her. I’m on my knees, my cock in my hand, my semen all over her stomach and her pussy. Did I come in her? Fuck, I hope not. And I hope she means it when she says there’s no possibility she could get … pregnant.

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