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“Can we maybe just … lie together for a while? I need to, I don’t know, gather myself.”

His hand drops away from my face and I climb off the bed, bending over to pull the comforter and sheets back. Caden steps in close, his body heat warming me, his hand going to my butt so he can stroke me there. “You all right?”

I glance back at him. That’s the second time he’s asked me that and I can’t help but appreciate it. “I’m okay,” I tell him as I climb into bed.

Caden joins me, pulling me into his arms, and I don’t protest. I don’t usually like to cuddle but it feels nice, lying here in his arms, my arm slung over his flat stomach, my head pressed against his chest. I can hear the beating of his heart, feel it thump-thump-thumping against my ear, and I close my eyes. Lose myself to the sound of his breathing, the gentle rocking of his chest, the beat of his heart. He strokes my arm, up and down, his fingers as light as a butterfly’s wings, and I shiver. Move my head so my mouth is pressed against his chest and I kiss him there. Once.


Three times.

Until I’m climbing on top of him without thought, straddling his hips, my legs draped over his thighs and my still aching sex pressed up against his cock. His big hands settle on my ass and he’s rubbing me there, holding me close. I prop my hands on his firm chest and our gazes clash, his full of longing and confusion.

“I thought you said …” he starts but I rest my fingers on his mouth, stopping him.

“No thinking allowed,” I murmur, removing my hand from his lips to reach toward the bedside table and grab one of the condoms. I don’t look away as I tear open the wrapper and remove the condom from within. I still don’t look away as he reaches for me, his hand going for my breast, his fingers stroking my nipple.

Lifting up, I smooth the condom on his cock, his hand still working my nipple, my hand working his erection. I slide against him, not allowing him to enter me yet, enjoying the anticipation for just a little bit longer.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he whispers, his hands going from my hips to my ass and back to my hips again. “Playing with my cock?”

Ah, there are those dirty words again. They’re like an aphrodisiac. Everything within me goes molten and I lean forward, working my hips against his cock as I press my mouth to his.

The kiss is decadent. Probably bordering on obscene. Nothing but open mouths and tongue and long, tortured moans. His hand drops from my ass to grip the base of his cock and then he’s entering me. Just the head at first, the perfect tease to make me tense up, hold my breath, and wait for more.

“Relax,” he urges, his fingers drifting up along my spine, higher, almost to my shoulders before they fall back down. He is so attuned to my body already, knowing just how to work it, how to make me respond. I feel myself loosen up at his touch, at his words, and I close my eyes when he lifts his hips, sending his cock a fraction deeper. “Fuck, you’re tight.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a man inside my body. That might be why I’m so tight. Or maybe I’m just naturally tight. I don’t know. I’m not like Lily with her endless revolving door of men, though who really knows exactly how many of them she’s had sex with.

Me? The number is embarrassingly small. Like I-can-count-them-all-on-one-hand small. I was always just so serious, so determined. Determined to get through high school, through college, through life. I didn’t let a thing like boys get in the way.

Caden has gone still beneath me, his hands locked on my hips, his head pressing deep into the pillow. His jaw is strained, as is his neck, and I realize he’s doing everything he can to take this slow, for my sake. Again, he’s paying attention to me and my heart melts.

Lifting up, I send him deeper, earning a groan from him for my efforts. I grind my hips, flex them back and forth, testing his fullness, the way he stretches me so deliciously it almost hurts. It’s a sweet sting, though, one that fills my blood as I begin to move, as he helps me along by lifting me, his gaze zeroed in on the spot where he can watch his cock slide in and out of my body.

I close my eyes, little white sparks lighting off behind my lids at the way he’s working me on his cock, lifting me as if I weigh nothing. I lean my head back, lost in the sensation, the rhythm of our bodies working together, his fingers finding my clit and stroking the little bundle of nerves, sending more of those hot sparks through my veins, across my skin. I feel like I’m chasing after my orgasm as I begin to move faster, riding him harder, sending him deeper.

He grabs hold of me and rolls over as if he can’t stand it any longer. I’m pinned to the mattress, imprisoned by his body as he powers his cock inside of me, again and again, and I can do nothing but take it. Enjoy it. Lying there helpless, I wrap my legs around his hips, anchoring myself to him as he reaches between us and strokes me, the creamy sound of my pussy making us both moan.

“I couldn’t wait.” He presses his face to my cheek, his mouth at my ear as he begins to fuck me hard. “I had to get you beneath me so I could fuck you properly.”

Caden can fuck me any way he wants as long as I’m coming. And it’s close. So close. I arch against him, closing my eyes, everything within me going perfectly still, perfectly quiet, as I reach and reach and finally claim my prize.

The orgasm steals over me, robbing me of my breath, of my thoughts, of everything and anything until he’s the only thing I can focus on. I open my eyes to find him watching me, his gaze hungry as he leans in and kisses me, his mouth opening on a groan as his own orgasm takes over his body, leaving him a shuddering, gasping mass of flesh before he collapses on top of me, pressing me even deeper into the mattress.

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