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He let out a low laugh. “Is that right?”

“Mm-hmm. You guys were hot stuff out there.”

“All of us, huh?”

“Well, maybe one of you more than the others,” she murmured, wrapping her legs around him so he couldn’t move away.

“Maybe?” he asked.

“Or definitely.”

He bent over her, bracing on his hands on either side of her head. “You take my breath, Soph. Every single time.”


“Oh, yeah,” he whispered, and began kissing her body, starting at her mouth and working his way south. Long before he got to where she needed him the most, she was in a state, rocking her hips, practically begging him to get inside.

“In a hurry tonight?” he asked against her skin.

As a matter of fact, yes. She could feel him hot and huge against her and couldn’t stand it. “Please, Jacob.”

“Mmm,” he said approvingly, nibbling at an inner thigh, making her squirm. “Love that. More of that.”

She slid her fingers into his hair and tightened her grip.

That did nothing besides elicit a chuckle from him. Out of patience, she rolled and crawled on top of him. Triumphant, she beamed down and then oscillated her hips so that she could rub the neediest part of her over the hardest part of him. This caused some creative swearing from the man as taut as a bowstring beneath her, his hands going to her hips to take over in the rhythm he wanted.

A rhythm that drove her up so high she could feel herself start to quiver. Another “please” escaped her before she could stop herself, and she gasped when he pushed up into her.

“Is that what you wanted?” he asked.


Gripping her hips, he urged her down to him so he could kiss her while also controlling her admittedly frantic movements. Seemed he wanted her on top and he wanted it slow and steady. This worked, too, and she loved how he helped her when she faltered, slowing her when he didn’t want to come.

Not being nearly as controlled as he, she came twice, his name on her lips, and when she sagged over him, he flipped her over and pinned her beneath him on the mattress and then he was even deeper inside her. Holding her face in his hands, he deepened the kiss, his fingers curling into loose fists in her hair as he moved. She arched into him with every thrust he made, spurring them both on as the deep sensations pulsed and spread through her in welcoming waves.

Neither of them smiled now. Jacob’s breathing was every bit as rough and unsteady as hers, and she realized it wasn’t just passion washing over her, taking her under, but something much deeper. For a minute she slammed her eyes closed, needing to hide it, but then Jacob said, “Look at me, Sophie.”

Dragging her eyes up to meet his, she felt an almost fist-like clenching spread through every part of her as she came.

And took him along with her.

After, she could hear her own crazy breathing compared Jacob’s, deep and even now, his eyes dark as he cupped the nape of her neck and slowly brought her mouth to his, his gaze never wavering.

Hard to hide from a man who liked the visuals.

She was still trembling, but when his lips grazed hers, she gripped him tight and kissed him back. Under his gentle ministrations she finally quit shaking and felt something inside her let go.

Her fears.

After, they both fell asleep and were jolted awake later by the sound of her phone vibrating across the bedside table—a text from her sister.

Found another job for you, this one entirely un–porn related, I swear. How do you feel about phone sales?

Sophie hit herself in the forehead with her phone a few times until Jacob pulled it from her fingers. He read the text, snorted, and then…

God bless him.

He turned off her phone and tossed it aside. “Better?” he asked.

“A little.” She sighed. “I just want…”

“What?” he asked quietly. “What do you want?”

“To be in charge of my life,” she said. “I want to be my own boss.”

“That’s easy enough,” he said. “Start your own temp agency. You’d be a natural. It seems like you know how to do everything.”

“No.” She paused. “Well, maybe. But I know what I want to do even more than that. I want to start a concierge business.” She held her breath, but he gave her a slow smile.

“You’re going to rock at it,” he said.

The easy confidence he had in her had her smiling back. “I am, aren’t I?”

He pulled her on top of him. “You’ll be good at anything you go after,” he said. “I love that about you.”

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