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“I wrecked you? What about what you’ve done to me?”

His eyes searched hers, an unholy light coming into his.

Well, crap. Instead of putting the brakes on this disaster walking, she’d just tossed gasoline on the fire.

Pulling her in closer, he kissed her again. “So you’re as utterly”—another kiss—“wrecked”—and yet another—“as I am. Good to know.” The next kiss took her to another place, where the only thing that existed was his hard body and what it was going to do to hers—


She was too busy shoving up his shirt so she could nibble her way down his bare chest to answer.


She licked one of his nipples and got a thrill when he shivered.

He picked her up, and she immediately wrapped her legs around his hips. He had one big hand cradling and caressing her butt, the other across her back, holding her close. She slipped her arms around him, hoping, wishing, that she’d never have to let go.

His hands tightened on her. “Tell me we’re going to wreck each other again,” he said, voice low and gritty with desire.

To that end, she tore off his shirt and pushed him down to the long bench seat.

Jacob took her with him, keeping a hand in her hair and his mouth locked on hers. With a groan, he angled his head, his tongue sliding against her, making her feel like she’d been starving for this, for him. All she could think was he seemed to crave her as much as she craved him. He told her so in each press of his lips, every soft stroke of his tongue telling her, Yes, this, more of this, don’t stop…


He had his mouth at the base of her throat and hummed a wordless response.

“I missed you.”

He stilled, his eyes closing for a beat. “I’m all yours,” he whispered, and flipped them so that she was flat on her back on the seat. He rose over her, his chest and hips sliding against hers so that she could feel exactly how much he wanted her.

He kissed his way down her neck, opening her blouse and then the front clasp on her bra, spreading the material to the side to get a look at her.

“Why do you have a bruise on your left side?” Jacob asked.

“Yesterday I temped at a vet’s office. I had to check in a cranky goose. Do you notice everything?”

He gave her an almost smile. “When it comes to you.”

“If you weren’t so hot, I’d find that really annoying,” she said.

That got her the full-wattage smile. He didn’t use it often, which made it all the more potent and sent desire skittering through her.

He reeled her in for a brain-melting kiss, during which her hands found their way down the back of his jeans.

“If your endgame isn’t finding yourself naked and under me for the rest of the night, you should stop that,” he said.

She tightened her fingers, digging them into his edible ass.

“Good choice.” He lowered his head, sucking a nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, his teeth, while skimming her skirt up her thighs. “You’ve got me burning up from the inside out,” he murmured.

She’d never done anything like this outside, ever. But they were in a secluded cove and she was flat on her back, out of sight even if someone did come along. Still, a secret thrill raced through her, an illicit one, and she felt a rush of arousal.

“Tell me you’re burning up for me too.”

She opened her mouth, but Jacob skimmed his lips down her torso, playing with her, easily stealing her breath along with her words. She was totally burning up for him, and as his hands slid up her thighs, she could feel exactly how turned on she was.

A single push had her skirt bunched around her waist. Another stroke of his fingers scooped her panties to one side, and then she knew he could see too.

“Yeah,” he said in wicked, naughty accusation. “You’re burning up for me.” He stroked his thumb through her wet folds. Her thighs trembled, and she whimpered incoherently, her hips writhing.

And then he slid to his knees, pushed those broad shoulders between her thighs, and kissed her.

And then licked. Nibbled. Sucked.

And drove her right out of her ever-loving mind.

When she could draw air back into her lungs, she sat up so fast she bumped the top of her head on his chin and saw stars. “Ow!”

“Easy, tiger,” he said, rubbing his chin.

His hair was standing straight up—from her fingers—and his mouth was wet—from her. No shirt, jeans low and barely concealing what was quickly becoming one of her favorite parts of him. She felt her mouth go dry just looking at him. Sliding to the floor of the boat, she mirrored his position, hitting her knees. Then she shoved him onto the seat she’d just vacated.

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