Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay 3) - Page 74

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“I love you, Archer,” she whispered and sank over him until he was deep inside her.

Flooded with intense pleasure as he rocked up into her, he gripped her tight, almost unable to believe they were finally here, in this very spot, doing what he’d dreamed about every night for years. “Fuck, Elle.”

“Yes, please.”

With a choked groan, he slid his hands into her hair, holding her head so that she couldn’t look away as they began to move against each other. He began to drown in her eyes and he reared up to nip at her full bottom lip, taking control, making her melt into him as he buried himself into her over and over, holding her gaze in his, seeing everything she felt for him. He groaned her name, which sent her into a shattering orgasm. She was still shuddering when he thrust into her one last time and followed her over.

When she caught her breath she lifted her face from the crook of his neck. “I do have one last demand.”

“Anything,” he said, and he meant it. At that moment he’d have signed over everything he had to her, everything he would ever have.

“Love me,” she whispered.

“Forever, Elle.”

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