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“It’s not nice to laugh at a naked man,” he said, smiling at her, not insulted in the least, the cocky bastard, and it only made her laugh harder.

“I’m sorry,” she managed on a snort.

Straightening up, causing those delicious ab muscles to crunch, he nipped her jaw. “You don’t look sorry.”

She stroked his hard length and her body practically vibrated for him. “I’ll work on that,” she managed as he pushed up the hem of her sundress.

Her amusement backed up in her throat.

Air brushed over her upper thighs now. Her panties were tiny, enough that when Finn reached his hands around to her ass, there was bare cheek groping.

“Mmm,” rumbled approvingly from his throat. His fingers dug in a little, cupping, squeezing, and then slipped beneath the lace, making her quiver.

“Hold this,” he said.

She automatically took hold of her own dress at her waist. She felt hot. Achy. Desperate. She was already straddling him but his big hands adjusted her legs so that the two of them fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Yeah,” he said. “Like that.” And then he scraped aside her little scrap of panties and stilled as he got a good look at what he’d exposed.

And that’s when she remembered the Brazilian. “It’s Elle’s fault,” she blurted out.

“Oh Christ, Pru.” He stroked a reverent finger across her exposed flesh.

Her exposed, bare flesh. “She took me and Willa to the spa and—”

The pad of Finn’s finger came away wet and he groaned.

“—the next thing I knew . . .” she trailed off when, holding her gaze, he sucked his finger into his mouth. “So . . . you like?” she whispered.

“Love.” His hands went to her hips and he lifted her up to the table, plopping her on the wood surface. Then, calm as you please, he scooted his chair in close, draped her legs over his shoulders, lowered his head and . . .

Oh. Oh. Her last coherent thought was that maybe Elle had been onto something . . .

“Missed the taste of you,” Finn murmured a few minutes later, when he’d rendered her boneless. And not very many minutes either. He shifted back, and afraid he was going away, she made a small whisper of protest and clutched at him.

Flashing her a smile, he reached behind him, pulling his wallet from his back pocket.

“It’s a little late to exchange business cards, isn’t it?” she asked, trying to make light of their compromising situation because as was already established, her mouth never knew when to stay zipped.

He pulled out a condom.

“Right,” she said. Damn, she should have thought of that. Problem was, at the moment, with her dress basically a belt around her waist, exposing all her goodies, she was incapable of thought.

“You take my breath,” he said, eyes on her as he tore the packet open with his teeth and then rolled the condom down his length.

She’d never seen anything so sexy in her entire life.

With what looked like effortless strength, he scooped her from the table and lowered her over the top of him, in total control of how fast she sank onto him—which was to say not fast at all. Seemed Finn liked the slow, drive-her-insane grind, and she let out a sound of impatience that made him flash her another smile.

“You think this is funny?” she managed.

“You panting my name, whimpering for more, and trembling for me?” He brushed his stubbled jaw very gently across her nipple and gave her an entire body shiver. “Try sexy as hell.”

She was no longer surprised to realize that she felt it. Sexy as hell. It was an utterly new experience for her and she didn’t quite know how to rein herself in. So she didn’t even try. Instead she went after every inch of him that she could reach, following each touch of her fingers with her mouth. His shoulders, collarbone, his throat . . . God, she loved his throat. But what she loved even more? The rough, extremely erotic sounds she coaxed from him.

“Lift up,” he whispered hotly in her ear, and then rather than wait for her to comply, he guided her with his hands on her hips, showing her how to raise up on her knees until he nearly slipped out of her, and then to sink back down, once again taking him fully inside her.

They both gasped as she began to move like that, urged on by his hands, all while their mouths remained fused, kissing hot and deep. When they ran out of air, he wound his fist in her hair and forced her head back, sucking on her exposed throat, his other hand possessive on her ass.

Then that hand shifted to the groove between her hip and thigh, his fingers spread wide so that his thumb could rasp over the current center of her universe. She gripped his wrist and held his hand in place.

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