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“Because that’s what you do,” Sean said. “You straighten things out. I fuck it all and you come along and clean it back up again, right?”


“No. I’m done with that shit, Finn,” Sean said. “I’m done being the idiot baby brother who needs saving. For once, for fucking once, I want to do the right thing. I want to save you.” He shook his head. “No, I didn’t get up on the counter. But I apologized to her for being a dick. And then I paid the penalties and late fees, all from my personal account. Our property taxes are current and will stay that way, and it won’t happen again.”

“Wow,” Finn said. “That’s great. And thanks.” He paused. “From your personal account, huh?”

“Yeah and that hurt, man.” Sean rubbed his chest like he was physically pained. “It hurt bad.”

Finn smiled. “Also good.”

“Now about your girlfriend,” Sean said.

Finn raised a brow. He knew Sean was fishing. He had baited the hook and was going to keep saying “girlfriend” until he got a rise out of Finn.

Not going to happen.

“I like her,” Sean said quietly.

Again, not what Finn had expected. He’d do just about anything for Sean, and had. But he didn’t think he could walk away from Pru.

Not even for his brother.

Sean shook his head. “No, man, I mean I like her for you.”

The scary part was that they’d finally agreed on something because Finn liked Pru for him too. So much so that at the end of the night—which was really three in the morning, he found himself outside her front door. Not wanting to scare her to death with the late hour, he texted her.

You up?

It took her less than a minute to respond.

Is this a booty call?

He stared down at the words and felt like the biggest kind of asshole on the planet. He was in the middle of texting back an apology when she texted him again.

Cuz I want it to be . . .

He was still smiling when her next text came in:

There’s a key hidden on the top of the doorjamb.

He let himself in, crawled into bed with her and pulled her warm, sleeping form in close.

“Finn?” she murmured sleepily, not opening her eyes.

Well, who the hell else? “Shh,” he said, brushing his mouth over her temple. “Go back to sleep.”

“But there’s a man in my bed.” She still hadn’t opened her eyes, but she did wind her arms around him tight, pressing her deliciously soft curves up against his body, sliding one of her legs in between his. “Mmm,” she said. “A hard man . . .”

And quickly getting harder. “I didn’t mean for this to be a booty call—”



“Shut up.” And she rocked against him so that his thigh rasped over the damp heat between hers, taking what she wanted from him.

He loved that she’d figured out that her confidence and belief in herself was as sexy to him as her gorgeous body.

“Mm,” she hummed in pleasure, rocking against him, making him even harder. “I wonder what to do about this . . .” she mused.

He rolled, tucking her beneath him, and buried himself deep. “Let me show you.”

Chapter 19


Typically as summer progressed and more tourists poured into San Francisco, Pru got buried in work. This summer was no different. She worked long days, during which time she dedicated most of her daydreams to one certain sexy Finn O’Riley and what he looked like in her bed.

And what he did to her in it . . .

“What are you thinking about?” Jake asked her at the end of a shift while she was doing paperwork. “You keep sighing.”

“Um . . .” She struggled to come up with something not X-rated. “I’m thinking about how much of a slave driver you are.”

“Uh huh,” he said, not fooled. “You tell Finn yet?”

“I’m getting there,” she said, her stomach tightening in panic and anxiety at the thought.


“I know, I know!” She blew out a breath. “You don’t have to say it. I’m stalling. Big time.”

His voice was quiet, almost gentle. “You’re really into him.”

She closed her eyes and nodded.

His hand slipped into hers and he squeezed her fingers. “You want a chance with him.”

She nodded again.

“Chica, to have that chance, you’ve got to tell him before your window of opportunity closes and things go too far.” He waited until she looked at him. “Before you sleep with him or—”

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