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The guy was Kyle, Jake’s brother.

Kyle gave her a chin nod and hit a button that had the door buzzing open to them.

“Hey, cutie,” he said and took a look at Sean. “What’s up?”

“I’ve got a friend who didn’t pay their liquor license bill in time,” she said. “What can you do for me?”

“First, tell your friend he’s an idiot.”

She looked into Sean’s tight face. “I think he’s aware,” she said with a small smile.

“Second, have a seat. You’re going to owe me,” he told Pru. “Caramel chocolates from Ghirardelli. You know the ones.”

“Consider it done,” she said and ten minutes later they were back on the front steps of the building.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Sean marveled. “And a super hero.”

“I’ll add both to my résumé. Maybe it’ll get me a raise.”

Sean laughed and hugged her. “Dump my brother and marry me.”

She laughed because they both knew he wasn’t the marrying type, at least not yet.

There’d been a time where she would’ve said the same thing about herself, but she knew now that she was changing. A part of her did want to let love into her life again. Maybe even have a family someday.

How terrifying was that?

Finn made sure to get to the softball field well before the start of their game.

He had no idea why he was looking forward to it, there were a million things he should be doing instead. But he lowered his sunglasses and scanned the area for Pru.

“She’s not here yet,” Jake said, rolling up to his side.

“Who?” Finn asked casually.

But not casually enough because Jake snorted.

Giving up on pride, Finn asked, “Is she coming?”

“I’m not privy to her schedule.”


Jake smiled. “Jealous of me, O’Riley?”

“Do I need to be?”

Jake’s smile spread.


“Got the new jerseys,” Jake said. “You work fast.”

Finn shrugged like no big deal. It’d only cost an arm and a leg and a huge favor to get them done in one day.

“I like the SF Tours across the backs,” Jake said.


“Could’ve done without the O’Rileys on the breast.”

Finn smiled and didn’t respond. He was looking forward to seeing his name on Pru’s breast.

“What’s going on with you two?” Jake wanted to know.

“You ask her?”

“Hell no. I like living.”

This gave Finn some satisfaction—that she’d kept what was between them to herself. But then again, that could be because she didn’t think there was anything between them.

“I meant what I said yesterday,” Jake said.

“About the death and dismemberment?”

“About you and her not becoming a thing.”

That’s when Finn felt it, a low level of electro-current hummed through him. Turning, he leveled his eyes on Pru and watched as she found him from across the field and tripped over her own feet.

He read her lips and smiled because she was swearing to herself as she picked up speed.

“Sorry I’m late!” she exclaimed breathlessly, like maybe once she’d seen them talking, she’d run over as fast as she could. Hand to her chest, the other holding onto Thor’s leash, she divided a look between them. “So . . . what’s going on?”

Finn opened his mouth but Jake beat him to the punch. “Game’s about to start. Head or tails for home advantage.”

Pru slid him a long look and then leveled that same look on Finn, who tried his best to look innocent. And he was actually pretty sure he was innocent since he had no idea what was going on any more than she did.

“Tails,” she finally said. “It’s always tails.”

It was heads.

And . . . they had their asses handed to them like last time. But Kasey got a two base hit, and Abby caught a fly ball, and Pru got two base hits.

And once again, Finn had the time of his life.

Afterward, they all made their way back to O’Riley’s. Sean immediately pulled him aside.

“Your girlfriend’s wearing your name on her breast. Nicely done. You’re faster than I gave you credit for, Grandpa.”

“The entire team is wearing our logo, not just Pru,” Finn said.



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