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“Right?” she asked.

He blinked. So busy thinking about what he wanted to do to her, about the sounds she might make as he worked her over with his tongue, he’d not heard a word she’d said. “Right.”

She nodded and . . . walked away.

Wait—what the hell? He grabbed her hand and just barely stopped her. “Where are you going?”

“I just said I really should go and you said right.”

Not about to admit he hadn’t listened to a word she’d said because he’d been too busy mentally fucking her, he just held onto her hand. “But you’re the Fun Whisperer. You have to stay and save me, otherwise I’ll go back to work.”

“A real wild man,” she said with a smile.

He gave another tug on her hand. She was already right there but she shifted in closer, right up against him.

She sighed, as if the feel of him was all she’d wanted, and then she froze. Her eyes were wide and just a little bit anxious now as she stared into his. “Uh oh.”

Granted, it’d been awhile but that wasn’t the usual reaction he got when he pulled a woman in close. “Problem?”

“No.” She bit her lower lip. “Maybe.”

“Tell me.”

She hesitated and then said, “My mom taught me to show not tell.” And then her hands went to his chest, one of them right over the Band-Aid, which she touched gently, running her fingers over it as if she wished she could take away the pain. “I just need to see something . . .”


Her gaze dropped to his mouth and again she hesitated.

Tenderness mixed with his sudden pervasive hunger and need, a dizzying combination for a guy who prided himself on not feeling much. “Pru—”

“Shh a second,” she whispered. And then closing the gap, she brushed her lips over his.

At the connection, he groaned, loving the way her hands tightened on him. She murmured his name, a soft plea and yet somehow also a demand, and he wanted to both smile and tug her down to the couch. Trying to cool his jets, trying to let her stay in charge, he attempted to hold back, but she let out this breathy little whimper like he was the best thing she’d ever tasted. Threading his fingers through her hair, he took over the kiss, slow, deeper now, until she let out another of those delicious little whimpers and practically climbed his body.

Yeah, she liked that, a whole hell of a lot, and he closed his arms hard around her, lifting her up against him for more. He’d known they had something but this . . . this rocked his world. Hers too because they both melted into it, tongues sliding, lips melding, bodies arching into each other in a slow rhythm.

The door to the office suddenly opened and Sean stood there, face tilted down to his iPad. “We’ve gotta problem with inventory—” he said, still reading. “Where the hell’s the—Oh,” he said, finally looking up. “Shit. Now I owe Spence twenty bucks.”

Finn resisted smashing in his brother’s smug smile, barely, mostly because he didn’t want to take his eyes off Pru who’d brought her fingers up to her still wet lips, looking more than a little dazed.

Join my club, babe . . .

“Sorry if I interrupted the sexy times,” Sean said, not looking sorry at all. He smiled at Pru. “Hey, Trouble.”

“Hey,” she said, blushing. “I’ve got to go.” She turned in a slow circle, clearly looking for her purse, finding it where he’d dropped it on the couch. She slung it over her shoulder and without actually making eye contact with either of them, said a quick “’night” and headed to the door.

Finn caught her, brushing up against her back. “Let me walk you home—”

“I live only two flights up,” she said, not looking at him. “Not necessary.”

Right. But it was more than her safety he’d been worried about. She’d been with him during that kiss, very with him, but now there was a distance again and he wanted to breach it.

“If there’s any complications from where I tried to kill you,” she said to the door. “You need to—”

“I won’t. I’m fine.” He let his mouth brush her ear as he spoke and he could feel the shiver wrack her body.

“Okay then,” she said shakily, and was gone.

Finn turned to Sean.

Who was grinning. “Look at you with all the moves. They grow up so fast.”

“You ever hear of a thing called knocking?” Finn asked.

Sean shrugged. “Where’s the fun in that?”

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