Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay 1) - Page 107

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“Everything and anything.” To prove it, he pulled a small black box from his pocket where it’d been sitting for a week and flipped it open.

With shaking fingers, she took out the diamond ring. “Oh my God.”

“Is that ‘oh my God yes I’ll marry you, Finn O’Riley?’” he asked.

She both laughed and cried. “Did you doubt it?”

“Well, I still haven’t heard ‘yes, Finn.’”

With a laugh, she leapt into his arms and spread kisses over his jaw to his mouth. “Yes, Finn!”

Grinning, he slid the diamond ring onto her finger.

She admired her hand. “So how pushy would it be of me to ask for something else right now?”

“Name it,” he said.

She put her mouth to his ear. “I’d like some more of what you gave me last night. Right here, right now.”

Remembering every single hot second of last night, he smiled. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” She bit her lower lip again, which didn’t hide her smile. “Please?”

“Babe, anything you want, always, and you don’t even have to say please.”

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