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“If I’ve learned one thing from you,” Sean said, “it’s to suck it up and always do the right thing. Not the easy thing, the right thing.”

Finn managed a short laugh. “Listen to you, all logical and shit.”

“I know, go figure, right? So . . . you going to do it? The right thing?”

Finn sighed. “Who are you and what have you done with my brother?”

“Just hurry up and handle it and get your ass back to work.”

“There he is.”

Chapter 32


When Finn finally made his way to the pub that night, he stood in the middle of the bar as music played around him. His friends and customers were all there having fun, laughing, dancing, drinking . . .

The pub was a huge success, beyond his wildest imagination. He’d never really taken the time to notice it. But he was noticing now that his heart had been ripped out of his chest by a gorgeous dynamo of a woman with eyes that sucked him in and held him, a sweet yet mischievous smile that had taken him places he’d never been . . . then there was how he’d felt in her arms.

Like Superman.

And he’d dumped her. Roughly. Cruelly. And her crime? Nothing more than trying to make sure he was okay after a tragedy that hadn’t even been her fault. Not in the slightest.

Hating himself for that, he stopped right in the middle of the place. He wasn’t in the mood for this. He needed to think, needed to figure out what the hell to do to alleviate this pain in his chest and the certainty that he’d walked away from the best thing that had ever happened to him.

But everyone was at the bar, waving at him. Bracing himself for the inquisition, he headed that way.

“Rumor is that you’ve been a dumbass,” Archer said.

Finn stared at him. “How the hell did you know—”

“The girls and I stopped by Pru’s place,” Willa said.

“Is she okay?”

“She looks and sounds like her heart’s been ripped out.” Willa met his gaze. “She’d clearly been crying.”


Elle squeezed his hand. “Whatever you did, it’s not completely your fault. You’re a penis-carrying human being, after all. You’re hard-wired to be a dumbass.”

“Sit.” Spence kicked out a barstool for him and poured him a beer from the pitcher in front of them.

Finn took a second look at him. “You’re wearing glasses.”

Haley grinned proudly. “Do you like them? I picked them out for him.”

“No, you didn’t,” Spence said. “I did.”

Haley patted him like he was a puppy. “You were impatient as always and grabbed the first pair off the display you could. It took you less than two seconds. I waited until you’d left and put them back and picked you out a better pair that would better suit your face.”

Spence pulled his glasses off and stared at them. “I liked the other pair better.”

“Yeah?” Haley asked. “What color were they?” Spence paused. “Glasses color.”

Haley rolled her eyes. “Just like a man,” she said to Will and Elle, who nodded.

Archer shook his head at Spence. “This is why you’re single.”

“You’re single too,” Spence said.

“Because I want to be.”

Spence closed his eyes. “We were going to rag on Finn, not me. Let’s stick with the plan.”

“Right,” Archer said and looked at Finn. “Tell us all how you messed up so we can point and laugh.”

“And then fix,” Willa said, giving the others a dirty look as she patted the empty seat. “Come on now, don’t be shy. Tell us everything.”

“Yes,” Ella said. “I want to hear it all, because that girl? She’s not just yours, Finn. She’s ours now too.”

“She’s not mine,” Finn said.

Everyone gaped at him.

Elle narrowed her gaze. “Does this have anything to do with that wish she made for you on that damn fountain? You know about that, right?”

Finn blinked. “She wished for me?”

“Have you ever heard of being gentle?” Archer asked Elle. “Even once?”

Elle sighed. “Okay, so he didn’t know. Sue me.” She shot Archer a dirty look. “And like you know the first thing about being gentle.”

“Didn’t know what exactly?” Finn demanded, refusing to let them go off on some tangent. “Someone needs to start making sense or I swear to God—”

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