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“Yeah, we’re done. Robin, you’d tell me if something was bothering you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I’d tell you.” She hated lying to her father, but really, what else could she do? There was no way for her to come clean about what had happened, and she didn’t even want to acknowledge it herself.

She had to believe it would all be all right soon.

Chapter Seven

Two months after the party

“You’re sure?” Preacher asked.

“According to Thomas, his father is … not the nicest of men. He’s strict. Believed in beatings and punishments, but also, I got the feeling there was stuff he wasn’t telling me.”

“What kind of stuff?” Preacher was more than impressed with his son. Why wouldn’t he be? Thomas had admitted that O’Klaren was a vile, abusive bastard and that anything you read about him were lies. O’Klaren rarely messed up and knew how to keep stuff secret. He liked to use his fists, and he made it a game to hit where no one could see.

Now, Preacher had seen the wife, and she always looked happy. He wondered if she was carrying around bruises as well. This again made him wonder what the fuck O’Klaren was doing within his business and in this town. He wasn’t a good guy, but a bad guy. One who knew how to manipulate and work the system because he was part of it. He knew how to make people look the other way. Preacher would deal with O’Klaren when the timing was right. For now, he just wanted to get everything working smoothly. Patience was always important, especially during a time like this.

He’d returned most of his businesses to normal. His clubs and bars had never ceased work. Men always wanted to be fucked and see naked women prancing around, serving them drinks, and last time he checked, that wasn’t illegal.

He’d reached out to Dog, and they were holding off any more fights until further notice. Dog also had heat on him, and needed to lay low.

Their drug distribution was currently on hold as well. They’d been able to get some guns across the borders, and after paying the relevant people to look the other way, he’d also gotten rid of any evidence of drugs in the club and at his home.

The club knew to lay low and to act like they were just having a good time. He’d also increased his lending business, and if someone didn’t pay, it wasn’t his fault if they found themselves in an accident.

They knew not to speak about him if anyone came calling.

Milner had also used the time to skip town rather than deal with him. The force wanted to retire Milner rather than transfer him.

Which then made Preacher wonder if the reason O’Klaren was here wasn’t because of him trying to come after him or the club at all, but because O’Klaren was a complete and total bastard. He wasn’t squeaky clean, but a man so hungry for power and pain he would do anything. Even come to a small town, take over for a crooked chief, and take his place. Either way, he needed to find out exactly what Milner knew, even if it was only a little.

Preacher had already put a notice out to find him. Once Milner was found, he had every intention of letting him hurt slowly and painfully.

There was a time he’d had a great deal of respect for Milner. They’d worked comfortably together for many years, so it was a huge disappointment to him to have to kill him. But once a guy turned rat or even hinted at taking him down, he had no choice but to act.

And act he would.

“And did he say why this was never reported?”

“He told me his dad had contacts where it mattered. They’re paid to look the other way, and he didn’t ever have to give witness statements. If a neighbor complained, O’Klaren always found some way of making the neighbor look bad. Planting drugs, false accusations, that kind of thing. He told me if I ever have a run in with him, to get the hell away from him. He’s not good, and he’s rotten to the core. He’s been trying to expose him, and well, for his efforts, he’s having to play the good little boy, or his father will throw him in jail, but under an alias or something. I don’t know. Some of his story seemed far-fetched.”

“We’ll soon find it out and have it—”

“What the fuck are you saying?”

Preacher was interrupted by Bear’s yell.

Getting to his feet, he left his office to find Rebecca holding Robin by the hair. The young woman looked terrified. Tears were streaming down her face, and she looked sick.

“Your precious little angel is up the duff. Pregnant. Bun in the oven, and she thought she could pretend she’s not, but I’ve got the proof.” Rebecca threw the tests at Bear, but they landed on the floor. “I made her take two, and guess what, each one is positive. This little slut has been sleeping with someone.”

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