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Taking a booth in the center of the diner, he waited to be served.

“Hello, gentlemen, what can I get you?”

Preacher looked up to see Juliet. She was a regular at the club, and a lot of men had told him many times how nice she was.

“Hello, sweet cheeks,” Bear said. “Are you coming to our little party we’re having in a couple of weeks?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. Will you be there?” she asked.

“So long as your little ass is, you can count me in.”

Juliet smiled and looked toward him. “What about you, Preacher, will you be there?”

“I’ll be there.” He winked at her. “You can count on it.”

They gave their order, and Juliet made sure to give them a show as she filled up their cups with coffee. She bent over, giving them a nice view of her rounded ass and the fullness of her tits.

She really was something, and Preacher felt himself getting aroused.

“What’s the deal with Milner?” Bear asked. “Any news on his replacement?”

“No news and Milner can no longer be trusted. I believe he was trying to get me to talk about what happened to Flora. I want the word put out to Billy and the others. No one is to talk about the club business with him. There’s no way I want to risk him exposing club secrets.”

“What do you want to do in the meantime, boss?” Grind asked. “The new guy is supposed to be arriving in a couple of days.”

“I know, and when he does, I’ll put a feel out for him, but until then, you all keep your noses clean.”

Juliet came back, putting their plates of food in front of them. She made a point of touching his shoulder and whispering in his ear.

“I’m available for you anytime you want me.”

She walked away, and he watched her ass go.

Digging into his food, he listened to Bear moan again about Rebecca.

“You think there’s any way to stop her from coming to the party? I don’t want her there, man. She is just going to start some shit, and we really don’t need that.”

“You know Rebecca hurts Robin, don’t you?” Preacher asked.

He looked toward Bear, who was a little open-mouthed. “I’m shocked you know my girl’s name.”

“Bishop has heard her calling Robin names. Taking the piss out of her weight. Doesn’t it bother you?”

“Yeah, it fucking bothers me. I’ve told her repeatedly to leave the girl alone.”

“I’m guessing, she is ignoring all of your requests.”

“Fucking, clearly. Piece of shit. She’s … what did Robin say?”

Why the fuck are you getting involved?

He liked the young woman. Robin had a good heart, and he didn’t like to see good people get hurt. Rebecca was rotten to the core, and Robin wasn’t. He felt a need to protect that innocence within her that most would like to see snuffed out.

“Robin said she could handle it, but I don’t think she should be handling the kind of shit her mother’s saying to her. None of us would accept it.” He got to his feet after finishing his food. He threw down some money. “See you boys back at the clubhouse.”

“What are you doing?” Bear asked.

He didn’t say anything. Grabbing Juliet by the arm, he pulled her away from the customers she was serving and dragged her into the nearest bathroom. She let out a little yelp but didn’t fight him.

Closing the door, he pressed her up against the bathroom counter.

“So, I can have anything I want from you?” He shoved his hand down her panties, finding her soaking wet.

“Yes, Preacher, you can have whatever you want from me. Always. I’m available to you.”

He pulled his hand from her shorts. “Then get them down your knees and bend over, this is not going to take long.” He tore into a condom, sliding it over his length. He wanted it hard and fast.


“Happy birthday, Bishop,” Robin said, placing a single cupcake in front of her best friend.

They sat outside the clubhouse. Several of the guys were drinking beer, playing cards, and others were with some of the women.

Her dad had told her to pack a few clothes for the coming weekend, and she didn’t argue with him. Bishop had picked her up, and she never questioned club instructions. She was never told why she had to do the things she did.

She had at least packed Bishop’s birthday present and had full access to the kitchen so she could bake him a cake.

“You baked this?” he asked.

“Yep.” She quickly reached behind her, grabbing the plate she’d piled high with cupcakes. “All with the chocolate fudge frosting you love so much.” She smiled at him. “Blow it out. Make a wish.”

Some of the guys had joined, and Bishop slapped their hands away as they tried to steal a cupcake.

“They’re my cupcakes,” Bishop complained.

“I’ve made several batches,” she said. “They’re all in the kitchen if you’d like one.”

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