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Chapter 6


Janie’s small, plump hand enclosed around my cock, jerking me with such sensual motions that I practically come right there. I slip two fingers deeper into her soft, wet pussy and suddenly she arches her back, breaking away from my kiss, her open mouth letting out a moan slightly too loud for comfort. I glance around quickly to make sure we’re safe, but no seems to have noticed. The few people around us are shoveling popcorn into their faces, completely caught up in an explosive chase-scene that seems to be unfolding on the screen.

We’ve gotten away with it so far – maybe we can go a little further? The thought of actually fucking Janie in the movie theater sends me into a frenzy. My fingers are moving against what I suppose is her G-spot, because her eyes are rolled back as she moans, her hand moving up and down the length of my cock until I can’t take it anymore. I pull my fingers gently out of her clenching pussy with a wet sucking sound, and pull her over onto my lap in a surprisingly smooth motion, making her gasp as she straddles me on the movie theater seat. She laughs inaudibly at my audacity, clasping her hand over her mouth muffle the sound. She’s the one glancing around now, but still, no one has noticed us. How is that possible?

But I don’t even care anymore. I grab both of her huge tits gently and squeeze, rubbing at the nipples with my thumbs. This makes Janie stop giggling and she closes her eyes. And as I lift the heaviness of her milky tits out of her dress into full view, I lick the large nipples, pressing my face into her alabaster skin.

Janie doesn’t seem to care anymore either and reaching down to pull her panties aside, she lowers her slippery pussy onto the head of my huge cock and slowly down along its length. Oh fuck. We both stop breathing for a second at the heavenly feeling of my cock pushing itself into her tight, wet cunt. She’s so small – not all of me will fit, that’s immediately clear. But I place my hands on her wide hips and push her down, pushing my huge cock all the way in, making the girl fall over and moan into my neck.

“Oh my god, Brent,” she whispers in my ear. “This is crazy.”

I move inside her, and she starts riding me now, breathing heavily into my ear.

“You want me to stop?” I rasp back.

“No,” she gasps. And I pinch her nipple, feeling her cunt contract around my cock. The tightness of her cunt sucking at my cock as she moves up and down it is too much. I feel my fuckshaft pulse, desperate for release.

“Janie,” I groan. “You’re gonna make me come if you continue like this.” She bites my neck and I reach around, squeezing her big ass with my hands, using it as a handle to press her pussy down onto my cock. She’s not the one controlling it anymore. I can feel her pussy contract as I slam her ass down repeatedly onto my balls, her hands pulling at my hair, raking the skin on my neck. I go faster and faster and I feel her seize up against me, her pussy clutching at my cock as I deliver my final thrust. Oh fuck! It feels so good and I let out a silent roar as ropes of hot man milk jet into her sweet insides.

At the same time, her pussy spasms hard around me, the pink folds milking me of virile semen as I unload splash after splash of hot jism into her body.

“Unnnh,” she moans into my ear breathily. “Oh Brent fuck fuck fuck!”

Because yeah, we just had full-on sex in a movie theater with other people sitting close by. Clutching at each other, we try to hold still as I continue to pulse, her pussy still gripping me tight. For a few moments we stay like this, unmoving. I enclose my arms around her, gathering her to me, not wanting to break the spell. But she gently squirms free, still breathing heavily as she glances around. I follow her gaze – no one seems to have noticed our crazy moment of uncontrollable lust. Thank god the movie theater was basically empty! But the fact that Randy and Hillary didn’t notice is miraculous. Or were they just pretending out of politeness?

But my little vixen doesn’t care. Janie glances at me, flushed and smiling. She leans in and whispers in my ear.

“Oh geez!” Her expression makes me laugh.

“I know!” I whisper back. Janie steadies herself with her hand against my chest and gently lifts herself off my cock, which is still hard and gleaming from our combined juices.

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