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Chapter 4


“What the hell am I doing?” I think to myself. Because I just met this girl, and I can’t just share all this personal shit with a strange female on a blind date. Janie’s not even the person I was supposed to meet, she’s a substitute. And yet there’s something about the brunette that I can’t put my finger on. She’s so easy to talk to, so soulful and angelic. From the moment she walked up to me, I felt like I knew her. That I could lay my life at her feet and trust her unconditionally.

But I need to get a grip on this unexpected surge of feelings. It’s probably just because she’s the first person I’ve really spoken to since I’ve been back. That’s what’s wrong with me. I’m a desperate dude who hasn’t interacted with a female in two years. Suddenly, I recall Cole’s advice. Have fun, comes his voice in my head. Let go and live a little. Relax, dude. As a result, I try to pick up the conversation.

“So how do you know Hillary?” I ask. Janie shrugs, shaking her head.

“I don’t,” she says. “I’ve never met her. It’s Amy who’s friends with her.”

“So how do you know Amy?” Shit, it sounds like I’m conducting some kind of interrogation. And the most boring interrogation ever too.

“We’re roommates,” she answers sweetly. “At college.”

“Near here somewhere?”

“Yeah, Smithton. I’m majoring in English Lit,” she adds. “Are you thinking of going?”

“College? Yeah, maybe. But I don’t like the idea of starting in the middle of school year,” I smile sheepishly, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m a bit of a purist. Call it superstition, but starting something in the middle feels like something bad might happen.” Janie matches my smile and it dazzles me. It’s no use. I can’t deny our chemistry. This girl is gorgeous and everything I could want right now.

“What would you study?” she asks gently.

We’re making small talk, but like all small talk, the words aren’t important. I don’t think either of us really cares about what we’re saying. I take in her appearance in more detail, her huge, soft-looking tits that more than fill out the flattering blue dress. I imagine laying my head on her soft chest after fucking her, my cheek against her alabaster skin, allowing her to cradle me to sleep on their milky warmth. Her arms look full and soft under the blue material, and my bet is that her thighs are the same way. Her hands and feet are dainty and plump, and I find myself imagining a huge rock on her left ring finger. Oh shit. A diamond? What is this girl doing to me?

She’s asking me something, and I answer, making her laugh, revealing a row of perfect white teeth and dimples in her apple cheeks. It’s so easy with her. Everything is so familiar.

“What a shame we’re going to see a movie,” I say, grinning at her. This makes Janie blush.

“What do you mean?’ she asks shyly. I shrug, pretending it’s no big deal, but unable to wipe the grin off my face.

“It’s nice talking to you, I guess,” is my answer. I can tell she’s delighted at this, and unable to meet my eyes now. Is she just as moved as me?

“Well, good thing we both got here so early,” I say, making a mock show of glancing at my watch. “By like twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” she laughs throatily. “I’m normally never this early for anything!”

“Well, I just got out of the Army, so that’s my excuse. What’s yours?” I tease.

She blushes before changing the subject.

“Well, I guess I was just eager to get here,” she murmurs. “Besides, I don’t think Hillary and her boyfriend Randy even know Amy’s not coming. They’re gonna be surprised when they see me.”

“Who cares, right?” I smile, shrugging. “It’s no big deal. If I’m happy with you turning up, she won’t care.” Janie glances at me, shyly.

“Are you?” she asks.

“Am I what?” I answer. She pauses.

“Happy with me showing up instead of Amy,” she says, almost whispering. “I know we’re really different.” But how can Janie doubt my satisfaction? I’m just about to tell her this, when a shrill voice interrupts.

“Brent!” shrieks Hillary from down the street. I whip around as Hillary flings herself into my arms. “Welcome back!” she cries into my shirt. We haven’t seen each other since two Christmases ago, and Hil is the same as always. Completely irrepressible.

“It’s so good to see you,” she trills. “This is my boyfriend Randy,” she adds, gesturing to the guy next to her. We shake hands, exchange formalities, but my focus is on the beauty who is standing behind me, and whom I know Hillary hasn’t noticed yet. I want to introduce her.

“Amy should be here any minute,” Hillary says, confirming my suspicions while looking around vaguely.

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