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“Fuck me,” I command again. And with a deep, sensual groan, he slams me up against the wall as he pushes his huge cock inside me so hard that it spreads my ass cheeks, and lifts me up off the floor. I moan in ecstasy as he thrusts again, harder and harder, pressing his hard head up and along my G-spot.

“Say it,” he growls, breathing hard. “Say it!”

“Fuck me!” I scream, and as he pounds my pussy from behind, rubbing my clit with his free hand. I feel my insides clench up and I come again, screaming. I’m suspended on his cock in mid-air as he delivers a few more hard thrusts, making my ass bounce with the movement.

“Janie,” he groans, exploding inside me, pulling my hair.

Still pulsing inside of me, he sets me gently back down, folding his arms around my curvy frame.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his caring voice still deep from lust.

“Yes,” I whisper, meaning it. He always asks this after we have sex. “I’m always okay, baby. As long as I have you.” He pulls out gently and turns me around to face him. He looks incredible, with his black hair dripping wet and the water from the shower beading on his perfect body. He pushes my chin up with his finger.

“I think you’re confused, baby,” he says, his blue eyes piercing into my soul. “It’s me who’s always okay as long as I have you.”

I blush, even though we’ve spoken of this hundreds of times by now. Because by now, our lives are so entwined that I don’t know who needs whom more, me or Brent? All I know is that this handsome soldier came into life and we got off to a rough start. He fucked me in a movie theater with other people a few feet away. And then he started dating my roommate at the same time because he was so confused and tangled within his own head. But I’ve forgiven Brent because he was suffering from PTSD and afraid of the monsters within. Yet with time, therapy, and my unrelenting support, my man’s come into his own … and we’ll be happy together forevermore.


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