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“Fuck me,” she mewls again, her voice higher now, telling me she’s about to come. So I do. I fuck her, pushing my cock in to her tight little cunt so hard and deep that I forget who I am, and everything that’s ever happened to me.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” she screams and I come then, biting down in her neck as she convulses. She screams in pleasure, my tight balls pulsing hard against her labia as my cock spasms, milked by her tight cunt.

After a few minutes, we both come down to Earth, still breathing hard.

“Are you okay?” I ask her urgently. I have no idea whether or not I’ve hurt her.

“Yes,” she giggles. “More than okay.” My cock and her cunt are still pulsing together, our orgasms taking a while to fade. I stay inside her as I lift myself back up on one elbow and look down at her beautiful, flushed face. Janie smiles up at me, caressing my face.

“See? You haven’t killed me,” she teases. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I shake my head, relieved, overcome with joy.

“No. Not so bad at all,” I whisper. And I lean down to kiss her because this woman is my life. I’ve wronged her, I know that. I never should have dated another woman but it didn’t even feel like “dating” per se. It was more that I was grappling with my feelings for Janie and how strong they were. I was struggling with becoming myself once more, and as a result, did the wrong thing. But my girl is forgiving, and has given me a second chance for which I’m grateful. Because women like Janie don’t come around very often … and the love with have for each other will survive because we’ve already survived so much.



Six months later …

Both my hands are palms down on the tiles of the shower, the hot water coursing down my body, my legs spread. Brent is on his knees in the space between me and the wall, his huge hard cock in his hand as he licks my clit in circles. His other hand is reached up around one of my breasts, where he’s tweaking my nipple. I moan loudly because there’s no longer any need to be quiet. Brent and I got our own small place together a couple months ago. Having decided that the best therapy for his PTSD would be to join the reserves so he can be around other young vets, we moved a little further out of town. He does training once a month. Plus, we’re both still at Smithton, and in an incredible turn of events, Amy wasn’t pissed when I told her about Brent and me being together. I think in the back of her mind, somehow she always knew.

Brent beats harder at his cock as he folds his mouth around my clit, sucking and sending me closer to the edge. It always turns him on to lick my pussy, a remnant from the early days where he didn’t feel strong enough to hold himself back while we fucked, where he was so scared of hurting me he’d rather pleasure me this way. It’s gotten so much better now, and while I still occasionally have bruises after he fucks me hard, I’ve never minded. It’s hot as hell and I can’t get enough.

He pulls on my large nipple with thumb and forefinger as he licks inside my cunt, so deep he reaches my G-spot, where he twirls his tongue in tight little circles against it. It makes me scream as I come, my knees buckling. He sucks on my clit a second longer, making sure I’m done, then gets up, still beating at his cock as he presses me up against the wall with his body, crushing my huge tits flat, the water of the shower beating down on both our bodies. I’m out of breath, helpless in his control, knowing that what he’ll do next will have me coming again in just moments.

“My turn,” he growls into my wet hair as I feel his steel-hard rod of a cock lay on my ass, covering the length of my crack from bottom to top, that’s how huge he is. He grabs it at the hilt and briefly I feel the head of it nudge my tight, slippery opening. I can feel him tense up as he gently cradles my left breast with the other hand, afraid to hurt me as usual.

“Say it, Janie,” he growls, and I know he’s close to coming from all the foreplay, even though we haven’t even started fucking yet. “Tell me to fuck you.”

I give it to him.

“Fuck me, Brent. Hard,” I beg. Wanting it so badly, wanting him to make me gush, wanting him to explode deep inside me after just a few hard thrusts. But he still hesitates.

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