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“But what has this got to do with Amy?” she whispers in a heartbroken voice. And I tell her everything. I tell her how Amy is nothing to me, makes me feel nothing, makes me feel numb, and how that makes me feel safe from myself. I tell her about the PTSD and how I’m talking to Cole regularly in order to avoid going to therapy. I tell her that Cole suggested exclusivity, but that I’m too scared about which other doors that will open inside me.

“You don’t have to be scared, Brent,” she whispers, looking earnestly into my eyes. “If you’ll let me, I can be here for you. You can open up to me like you’re doing now. We can get you through the PTSD together.”

“Opening up to you means opening the door all the way. You may not like what comes through it. It won’t be pretty, I can guarantee that.”

“Whatever comes through that door, we can battle together,” she says in a half-whisper, her gaze so gentle and caring.

For a few moments I say nothing, only looking into her caramel eyes and feeling myself coming to peace completely. And I know she’s right. I don’t need to see other girls anymore, not Amy, not anyone else.

“I want us to be exclusive, Brent. No more sneaking around. Out in the open. I want to be yours,” she says in a firm voice.

I nod, wanting the same. I know this is right. It feels right, and I’ve been a fucking asshole by blaming it on my PTSD.

“You are mine. And I’m yours. I’ll break it off with Amy. Let’s make it official,” I say, and feel a grin spreading across my face, matched by hers. I take her face in my hands, cupping it gently as I smooth my thumbs across her cheeks, wiping away the last remnants of tears.

“I’m so sorry I made you cry, Janie. I don’t want to do that. I – I love you.” I hadn’t counted on saying that, but it just came out by itself. Because it’s true. She has that effect on me – raw and uncensored emotion. Her eyes light up with love and surprise.

“I love you too, Brent,” she whispers breathlessly.

I crush her to me then, hungrily kissing her perfect mouth. She responds instantly by circling her arms around my neck. My right hand slides up her neck and into her hair, my left arm encircles her waist and I lift her down off the sofa, gentling laying her on the soft rug below it. I have to have her now and I know she feels the same. Leaning on one elbow, I use my free hand to open her blouse, freeing her lush double D’s into my hands. I break free from our kiss to lower my mouth to her tits, kissing them before licking her large nipples.

“Brent,” she moans. And she’s the only girl I ever want to hear moan my name ever again. My cock hardens in my jeans and as Janie struggles to unbuckle them, her fingers fumbling. Her tits jiggle so deliciously in my face and I growl in lust. But this time I’m not scared of my animal passion for her. This time I’m not worried I’ll crush her in my power. If she trusts me, maybe I can trust myself too.

She holds my cock in her tiny hand and guides it to her pussy, and I don’t waste any further effort on undressing myself or her.

“Fuck me, Brent,” she whispers huskily. “Fuck me without holding back this time.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?” I ask roughly, my voice thick with arousal.

“I can handle anything as long as it’s with you,” she says breathlessly. “Please. Fuck me.” And cupping her neck with one hand, pushing her face up to mine so I can kiss her, I push my huge, rock-hard cock into her tight, slippery cunt. She moans, arching her back, pushing her tits up into my face. I thrust hard and deep, giving her what she wants. I groan as I bunch her hair into my fist, pulling her head back to expose her throat. She moans, loving it. I can tell by the way her pussy tightens around my cock, milking me as I move hard in and out of her. My balls are tight and ready to shoot my load.

“Tell me again,” I growl in her throat. I can feel myself losing control as I fuck her, needing to hear her say it. And my girl delivers.

“Fuck me, Brent,” she moans. I thrust my cock deeply, violently into her cunt, my tight balls pushing hard against her ass. She moans in delight as I groan in desperate pleasure, losing myself in her.

“Again,” I beg. “Tell me again,” I groan, my teeth on her neck.

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