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“Are you okay?” she whispers, running the back of her hand down my stubbled cheek.

“It’s just – I’ve never been with anyone like this – so – so intimately,” I stammer like a schoolboy, and Janie blushes.

“Me neither,” she whispers, clasping her arms around my neck and pulling me closer. “I need you, Brent. I need you inside me,” she adds urgently. I’m overcome with a wave of lust that almost blinds me. Growling through my clenched teeth, I grip her wrists and pin them aggressively behind her, where I hold them in place with one fist. I use my other hand to wrench her legs apart, exposing her pussy to my throbbing cock. Her sudden intake of breath and look of surprise stops me. Because I need to be careful – for her sake, as well as mine.

Chapter 11


His weight is full on me as he pins my wrists behind my head in a sudden aggressive movement. It’s as if Brent’s overcome by an uncontrollable, animalistic lust. It literally takes my breath away and he looks up apologetically, thinking I’m scared or worried. But I’m not. I’m just powerless, but I want it and my pussy’s creaming in anticipation.

“Sorry,” he whispers. I can’t speak, but my eyes on his tell him what he needs to know: to continue. He loosens the grip on my wrists but doesn’t release me. He leans on the mattress with his other hand, his arm pressed into the softness of my hip, and then I feel his cock against my slick, puffy cunt. He holds it still against the opening, breathing heavily through clenched teeth as he towers over me. I’m moaning in anticipation. I can’t handle the torture of him almost entering me, and then holding back

“Do it, Brent,” I plead. He tightens his grip on my wrists again, his jaw clenching, all his muscles taut with self-control.

“I can’t,” he growls. “It’s different from yesterday.”

“Why?” I whisper, writhing under him, begging him to take me. He slams my wrists against the mattress, harder this time, with impatient passion. I gasp from surprise.

“The way I have you here. Like this. I can’t trust myself, Janie,” he breathes, overcome with passion. His eyes are those of a caged animal. Wild, desperate, and hungry. But trained and careful as well. I gaze up at him, breathless.

“I trust you,” I whisper as I look into his eyes. It sends him over the edge. The last remnants of control disappear. With a deep and powerful groan he thrusts his pelvis hard against mine, pushing his huge cock deep into my pussy in one hard movement, making me cry out in shocked pleasure and pain. I’m wet and ready for him, but he’s huge. A lot to take all in one go like this.

Brent holds still for one moment, his body taut, pinning me in place with his strength as he gazes down at me.

“Janie,” he growls. My mouth is open but I can’t answer. Then he thrusts again, hard, making me gasp. He moans through clenched teeth, holding back with all his might from fucking me senseless.

“Janie,” he rasps, gazing down at me. Again, I can’t answer, but my cunt clenches around his cock making him grimace with passion. At this, he thrusts again, harder and harder, faster and faster, as he looks into my eyes, trying not to ruin me. But I desperately want to be ruined. That’s what he doesn’t get.

“Yes,” is my breathless mewl, gazing at him as he fucks me hard. “Do it.”

He growls, eyes alight with arousal.

“Fuck baby. I wanted to go slow, but you know what? You’re a big girl, and big girls get fucked hard.”

The delicious words run over my frame and I moan, arching my back to give him full access to my body. Even though he’s pounding me almost harder than I can take, he’s still holding back in self-denial. It scares me to think what he might to if he let go all the way. My pussy will be raw and painful for days after this but I don’t care. His huge cock pushing in and out past my G-spot, his pubic bone slamming into my clitoris over and over again. He’s going to me make come harder than I’ve ever come before. Judging from the sweat that drips down his brow and the look of helpless lust in his eyes as he gazes into mine, he’s close too.

“Janie, you’re ruining me,” he groans before kissing me deeply and desperately. He moans into my mouth, licking my tongue, and this is the last thing I can handle. As his huge cock fucks my pussy harder and harder, I come like a banshee, moaning into his mouth at first, then breaking away to scream as my cunt contracts long and hard. Groaning, he brings his hand to my swaying tits and squeezes one of them while looking into my face, his features contorting with terrible pleasure as his cock throbs hard, unleashing his load. Hot juices spurt inside as I squeal and squirm, loving the virile rush of his semen. And all this time he never unlocks his gaze from mine.

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