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“But I can’t keep going like this Janie. Everytime I open my mouth I regret it afterwards.”

“Regret?” she says, looking vaguely hurt, and I realize she thinks that maybe I regret opening up to her. Which is true, but not in the way she thinks.

“Not because of you but because I end up making a fool out of myself. It’s like opening a can of worms. A can that needs to stay closed.” Janie starts protesting, but I hold my hand up, stopping her before she can say anything.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” I whisper, coming closer to her. Her pupils dilate, big boobs heaving as I intrude on her personal space. “We don’t have to talk, do we?” I take her hand, folding those small fingers into mine. I pull her up against me and lay my other hand in her neck, smoothing away her curls so our skin can touch.

“No,” she says breathlessly. “I mean yes,” she stammers, eyes fluttering shut. She leans her head back, allowing me to effortlessly cradle her neck. The sun dusts her alabaster skin, so white in this sunlight I can see the delicate blue veins at her temples. I’ve never seen anything so perfect and I stare intently at every detail of her features as I hold her up against me, unable to stop myself. How can the urge to kiss her, to fuck her, and to own her, be so primal? I clench my teeth in passion, not understanding myself.

But her full lips part, wanting me to kiss her. The feeling of her enormous breasts up against me overrides anything else. I crunch my hand into a hard fist, gathering a handful of her hair, and force the woman to me.

The time this kiss is much deeper and more passionate than I intended. But as soon I touch her lips with mine, I forget myself. I let go of her hand and slide my arm around her waist, lifting her up towards me, my other hand still a fist that holds her head in place by her hair. I can feel her chest rising rapidly under the effect of my sudden passion for her. She moans gently and I break loose just enough to be able to look into her opening eyes, which are dazed and innocent. I’m so tired of being in public with her. I need to have her to myself somewhere. I need to ravage this woman fully and spend my seed inside her like the male animal I am.

“Janie?” I whisper. She only nods, listening, her eyes half closed. “You wanna get out of here?”

She nods again, a small, adorable smile stretching across her perfect lips, creating those gorgeous dimples of hers.

Mom’s not home, so I drive her back to mine. It’s only a ten minute drive, but it’s ten minutes too long. Honoring my earlier confession of having had enough of talking, she doesn’t say anything else the whole way there. Good girl. But she doesn’t need to say anything, anyway. Her presence beside me is all I need. Her reassuring warmth, her perfect, soft body – it’s the answer to my dreams. I park the car hastily and taking her hand, lead her inside. As soon as she’s through those doors, I gather her to me and kiss her again, lifting her up in my arms. She lets out a surprised giggle.

“Oh my god! I’ve never been carried like this before!” she laughs.


“I’m a pretty big girl,” she says shyly.

“Well, luckily I’m a pretty strong guy,” I say cockily, making her laugh again. I storm into my bedroom and lay her down on my bed, which I mercifully made that morning. Again, you can take a man out of the Army, but you can’t take the Army out of the man.

Unable to contain myself any longer, I lay down on top of her, kissing her, my right hand in the nape of her neck and the other cupping her tits. She sighs and closes her eyes, letting me kiss her neck as she runs her hands through my hair. The dress she’s wearing has a zipper down the front. I unzip it and her huge tits fall out, making my cock twitch in my jeans.

“Oh god,” I groan, tasting one of her tits while licking and biting the large nipple.

“Yes,” she moans and starts pulling at my t-shirt, gathering the material and pulling it off over my head. Stopping suddenly, she looks stunned for a moment as her eyes travel down my torso as it looms over her.

“What?” I ask huskily, only able to think of what I’m about to do to her.

“You’re perfect,” she says huskily. I shake my head.

“No, you are,” I growl, and I start kissing her again. The feeling of my bare skin on her bare skin is sensational in a way I wasn’t expecting. Warm and soft, yes. But oddly personal and intimate, too. When had I last been skin to skin with someone? Even on our date the other night, when we’d fucked, we were mostly clothed. Overcome by her heavenly scent, I tear the rest of her dress off of her, as she urgently unbuckles my jeans. I push them down my legs along with my boxers, and yank her panties off with my other. Fully naked now, I lay on top of her, completely skin to skin. The breath stops in my throat and I halt for a moment, pulling back from our kiss to stare into her caramel eyes.

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