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“But Jesus, Jilly, your pussy is just fucking amazing.” He pulls his hips back and then slides deep inside me and when he’s seated completely, he drags his lips up my jawline back to my lips. “You fit me perfectly. Like you were made for me.”

He moves leisurely in and out of me. The only sound in the room is our panting breaths as we slowly make love, as though we have all day to explore each other’s bodies.

I cup his face in my hands and bring his lips down to mine to nibble and tease, until he kisses both of my palms, laces his fingers with mine, and pulls my hands up over my head. He keeps them there as he begins to move more quickly, his eyes pinned to mine, and I can’t tell where he ends and I begin.

He presses all the way in and rocks his pubis against my clit and grins as he watches me begin to come apart beneath him.

“Yes, baby, come.” He kisses my lips and nuzzles my nose. “Come for me.”

And I do. Quietly, intensely, the orgasm shakes through me, and as my pussy is gripping him in the throes of my release, Zack follows me, grunting with his own climax.

We lie still for several minutes, caressing each other’s bodies, kissing shoulders and cheeks and palms.

“When do we have to be downstairs for brunch?” he asks finally.

“At ten thirty,” I reply softly and glance over at the clock. “We have about an hour.”

“Good. We need a shower.”

“We took a shower last night.”

He cocks a brow. “I’ve dirtied you up at least three times since then.”

“Good point.” Before he can move away to lead me into the bathroom, I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hug him tightly to me.

“Baby?” He hugs me back, but his voice sounds a little confused. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I just think this might be one of the best moments of my life, and I want to take a minute to enjoy it.”

“God, Jilly, you destroy me when you say shit like that.” He rolls us to our sides and tucks me more securely against him, rubbing my back soothingly and kissing my forehead.

“We need to get in the shower,” I remind him with a whisper.

“It’ll wait. This is more important.” He kisses my forehead again and takes a deep breath. “You’re always more important. Don’t ever forget that.”

“So what is everyone doing for Christmas?” Cara asks. We’re back up in the penthouse, seated around a huge dining room table and too stuffed to move after the incredible brunch Grace and Jacob provided. I’m not ready to have to go back down the mountain yet. “It’s less than a week away already!”

“We’ll be at our mom and dad’s,” Jenna replies. Brad and Max both nod. Hannah yawns, catching Brad’s attention, and given the hot looks that pass back and forth, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on there.

“What are we doing for Christmas?” Grace asks Jacob with a frown.

“I may have something up my sleeve, darling.” He winks at her and all of us girls sigh at the romance of it all.

“I think that accent is what gets you all of the attention,” Josh comments. “I mean, I could say to Cara, ‘I may have something up my sleeve, darling.’ And she’d say, ‘You forgot again, didn’t you?’ ” He shakes his head in disgust as we all laugh.

“You’re probably right,” Ty agrees.

“Aye, the accent works. He’s full of the blarney, he is!” Grace giggles as she attempts the worst Irish accent any of us have ever heard.

“I’m not Irish, love,” Jacob reminds her and kisses her forehead.

“You two are too adorable.” I wrinkle my nose and tilt my head. “I’m happy for you. Okay, what are you doing for the holiday, Hannah?”

“I’m working,” she replies with a sigh. “People don’t stop having babies just because it’s a holiday.”

“Surely your office isn’t open,” I say.

“No, but I’ll be on call for labor and delivery. I’ll probably be at the hospital all day.”

“We’re having Christmas at the big house, right, Zack?” Cara asks and nibbles a strawberry.

“Absolutely, and I wanted to ask you all a favor. I was hoping everyone could stay Christmas Eve at my place. We have more than enough bedrooms. That way, you’ll all be there Christmas morning.”

“Are you sure?” Ty asks. “Lo and I can drive out both days.”

“No, we want you there.” Zack glances down at me and leans in to whisper in my ear, “You’ll be sleeping in my bed, sugar.”

I feel my cheeks heat as I give him a subtle nod.

“We can get started on Christmas dinner early that way too,” I offer. “Cara, can we use your oven for the side dishes?”

“Great idea!” she agrees excitedly. “This is going to be so fun.”

“What are we doing Christmas Eve?” I ask the boys.

Josh and Zack share a wide smile and Ty’s eyes widen. “The fire pit!”

“Yep,” Zack confirms.

“What about the fire pit?” I ask with a frown. “Wait. You have a fire pit?”

“You’ll see, sugar.” He kisses my temple and smiles down at me.

“This has been so fun,” Jenna says and smiles at all of us. “It’s so good to see you guys.”

“Thanks for inviting us up,” Josh agrees.

“It was our pleasure,” Jacob says. “You are all welcome up here anytime.”

“We should go check in on Seth,” I murmur to Zack. Josh and Ty both hear me and toss me surprised glances. Zack nods and kisses my hand.

“It was good to see you all,” he says sincerely. “Happy holidays.”

“Happy holidays!” The gang all waves as we stand to leave.

“Did you really have fun?” I ask Zack when we’re in his truck and headed down the mountain.

“I always have a great time with you, sugar. Thanks for being patient with me.”

“I don’t know if I’d call it patient.” I chuckle and squeeze his hand in mine.

“Come back to the ranch with me.” It’s not a question.

“Are you cooking dinner?” I raise a brow and feel my lips twitch.

“I’ll cook you anything you want.”

“I’m in then. A nice steak and salad would be supercool.”

He laughs and shakes his head as he approaches the stoplight at the bottom of the mountain. “Been hanging out with Seth a lot, huh?”

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