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“Do you know how hard it’s been to keep my hands off of you?” His hands sweep up to cup my breasts; his thumbs brush lightly over my already-puckered nipples.

I’m damp and hot and squirming beneath his touch. “You can touch me now. You can do anything you want to me now.”

His eyes catch mine as he leans in and places a tender kiss at the corner of my mouth. “I’m going to take this slow, baby.”

“We could do it fast first and then go slow the second round,” I suggest, eager to have him inside me.

“I need to take my time, to show you how much I love you. I couldn’t do it before.”

I take his face in my hands. “I felt it then, Ty. I knew.”

“I should have said it.”

I shake my head and kiss him chastely. “I knew,” I repeat softly.

He lifts me into his arms and lays me in the center of the bed, then covers me with his warm, hard body. I trace the lines of ink in his skin with my fingertip and watch his eyes as he pushes my hair off my face and nuzzles my nose with his own.

“I’m a little nervous,” he admits.

“To make love to me?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He frowns.

“You’ll never hurt me. It’s hurt to not be able to be with you like this.”

He exhales and rests his forehead against my own, his pelvis resting in the cradle of my thighs. His hardness is pressed against my core, and I slowly circle my hips, inviting him in.

“If I hurt you, just say the word, and it’ll all stop.”

“Don’t you dare stop, Tyler Sullivan.”

His lips twitch as he pulls back and guides his dick to my entrance and then slowly, oh so slowly, embeds himself inside me to the hilt, then stops, panting, muscles strained. “Okay?”

“So, so okay.” I rotate my hips. “I need you to move, babe.”

“Not yet. I want to just feel you.”

He cradles my head in his palms and finally kisses me. His tongue licks across the seam of my lips, then sinks inside my mouth, dancing and exploring. My hands glide lazily up and down his back, over his shoulders and into his thick, raven hair, holding him to me.

He finally begins to move, slowly and gently, all the way out until just the head is buried in my folds, then pushing back in, repeating the motion over and over.

“I’m not gonna break,” I whisper.

“It’s not about that.” He shakes his head and buries his face in my neck.

“What is it?” I hug him to me as his hips move slowly.

“It’s about reconnecting with you, my love. God, I missed you so much.”

I feel tears prick my eyes at his words, at the tender way his body is making love to mine. He feels amazing.

“You’re amazing,” he mumbles, mirroring my thoughts.

I clench around him, my legs hitched around his hips, my arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, and my pussy clamped around his dick.

Our bodies couldn’t get closer together.

He rolls gently onto his back, taking me with him so I’m straddling him.

“Ride me, sweetness.”

I brace myself on his shoulders as I rise and lower myself on him.

“Do your ribs hurt?”

“Not even a little.” I grin as I increase the tempo. “This is so fucking good.”

He sits up with a growl, grips my hips in his hands, and guides me up and down, increasing the speed even further.

My back tingles where his fingers caress me, up and down my spine over my ink.

“You like my tattoo.” I grin against his lips.

“I fucking love your tattoo.” He kisses me long and hard.

Finally, I can’t stand it any more and I begin riding him in earnest, relishing the friction, hitting his pubic bone against my clit with every thrust. “Oh, fuck, babe, I’m gonna come.”

“Come, sweetness.” He’s lifting and lowering me now, his hands gripped firmly on my hips.

He’s going to leave fingerprints on me, and I love it. He’s doing all the work.

He’s so damn strong.

I grip on to his hair as I bear down and convulse around him, coming hard and long over him. “Oh my God!”

“That’s it, baby, let go.” He nibbles my neck, down to my nipples, where he grips one in his teeth and tugs hard, sending more sparks down to my core.

As I come down from my orgasm, he lies back on the bed, panting, eyes on fire, and watches as I begin to move again, my breasts swaying with the motion of my riding him hard, gripping him. I lean back and also cup his scrotum in my hand. His eyes cross and then roll back in his head as I feel his balls lift and tighten. He bucks his hips and cries out as he comes inside me, grinding against me, riding the long wave of his climax.

He’s sweaty and panting as I press a kiss to his neck and lay my head on his chest.

“That was fun,” I comment lightly.

“That was life affirming.” He chuckles. “I hope you’re not too sore because I plan to stay inside you for the majority of the night.”

“I’m good with that plan.” I bite his neck gently, then lick it before pressing an openmouthed kiss on the tender skin.

“Keep that up and I’ll pull you under me and begin round two right now.” His voice is light, but rough with renewed lust.

“Easy, tiger. I’m hungry.”

“I’ll call for takeout.”

“No need.” I lift off him and pull the shirt he wore all day over my shoulders, leaving it unbuttoned. “I have dinner in the oven.”

“You do?” He raises an eyebrow in surprise.

“I can cook.”

“You can?”

“Just because I don’t often, doesn’t mean I can’t,” I inform him haughtily.

“What else can you do?” He rises from the bed and pulls his shorts on.

“Lots of things.”

“Name two.”

“I can play the piano.”

“Holy shit, I had no idea.” He’s watching me with a half smile and appreciative eyes. “And the other?”

“I can make you hard with one touch,” I respond playfully, and cup his semihard dick through his underwear.

“Oh, sweetness, that was never a secret.”



“Can I interrupt for a bit?” Ty asks as he saunters into my office.

I’ve been working all morning. I push back from the desk and grin at him as I stretch. Sir Fuzz is curled up in my lap and yawns, stretching his paws out before him at the intrusion, then curls up and falls back to sleep, making us laugh.

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