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I dress quickly and join Jill in the waiting area.

She’s on the phone. “She’s finished. I’ll call you later.” She hangs up and tosses her phone in her handbag. “That was your man. He had a break in court and was checking in.”

“He’s always hovering.” I roll my eyes, but can’t help the wide smile that spreads over my mouth.

“And you love him.”

“I know. I get to attack him later. I hope court gets out early today.”

I practically skip through the snow to Jill’s car.

“Did you come up with some good seduction ideas?” Jill asks.

“Yes. You?”

She chuckles as she buckles herself into her seat. “Despite it being my brother, yes. I do believe we have a few stops to make on our way back to your place.”

“You read my mind.” My phone chirps with an incoming text.

Ty: Did it go well? I should have been there.

“Your brother is a worrier.”

“Only with those he loves, Lo.”

Me: Went well. Will tell you about it tonight. Love you.

Ty: Love you, baby.

Dinner in the oven: check. Candles and flowers: check. Hot, barely there outfit: check and check.

I just barely reach my bedroom when I hear the front door open and close and Ty call out, “Lo?”

“Upstairs!” I call out, and bite my lip in excitement. I lean against the doorjamb so I’m the first thing he sees when he gets to the top of the stairs. I’m wearing one of his white, dress button-downs, undone, and my favorite blue tie, hanging loose around my neck. White, lacy panties and thigh-high stockings complete the look.

Ty’s eyes are on the stairs as he reaches the top. He raises his head and his eyes widen when he sees me. He swallows hard and comes to a stop about three feet away from me, just out of arm’s reach.

“Your appointment went well?” His eyes rake up and down my body.

“It did.”

“What did Dr. Greene say?”

I take a step forward and grip Ty’s loose tie in my hand and pull him forward. My lips hover inches away from his and my body instantly tingles in awareness. “He released me to normal activities.”

Ty dips in to kiss me, but I pull away and lead him by the tie to the bed. “I won’t be able to stop kissing you once we start, and I have something very important to do first.”

“You do?” He smiles wide. His eyes are on fire, watching me adoringly.

“Mmm.” I flick the buttons open on his shirt. I loosen the knot in his tie and pull his shirtsleeves down his arms, letting the shirt fall to the floor. “I love your chest.” I plant a kiss in the center of his chest, then move over to glide my tongue over his nipple.

He gasps and gently cradles my head in his hands. “You’re driving me crazy, baby.”

“That’s kind of the point, counselor.” I plant sweet kisses over his skin to his right shoulder, down to the freshly healed flower on his inner arm. “This is pretty.”

“It’s you,” he murmurs softly.

“I love that you’ve been so patient and taken such good care of me.”

“That’s my job, sweetness.”

“The fact that you see it as part of your role as my man makes me love and appreciate you even more.”

“I would do anything for you.” He pulls his fingers down my cheek softly.

My hands glide down his sides to his trousers. I slip my forefingers under his waistband, under the elastic of his boxers, and move slowly from his hips, around to his ass, and then change directions to his front.

“You have smooth skin,” I whisper.

“Lauren, I’m about to rip my shirt off you and pull you under me on this bed.” His voice is rough with want, making me grin at him.

“Hold that thought.”

“You’re killing me, sweetness.”

“It’s been a whole month, Ty. You can give me a few minutes to have fun, can’t you?”

“A few short minutes.” He watches me with hot gray eyes as I kiss my way down his torso. My fingers unfasten his pants and peel his underwear from his body, then guide them down his legs, unleashing his hard cock.

“Is this for me?” I ask innocently.


My eyes widen at that single word. Forever.

I sink to my knees, grip the base of his pulsing dick in one hand, and lick from his scrotum to the tip, slipping my tongue along the slit.

“Ah, fuck, baby,” he growls. He gently threads his fingers into my hair, caressing me, as I sink over him and suck him deeply into my mouth, gripping his length. “God, I love your sweet mouth.”

“Mmm.” I pull up, swirl my tongue around the head, then sink down again, setting a lazy rhythm, enjoying the smooth texture of his skin, the musky smell of him, the way he groans with each full up-and-down motion of my mouth.

His hands slip down to my neck and my shoulders, kneading them firmly, massaging me as I make love to his beautiful cock.

“Mmm,” I groan, not lifting my mouth from him.

“Feel good?” he whispers.

I nod and look up at him as I fuck him with my mouth. He’s smiling, watching me intently. His hands continue to caress and love me, his eyes pinned to the point where his dick disappears into my mouth.

“You are so beautiful, Lauren. It makes me nuts to see you in my shirt and tie.”

“I know.” I back away and lick my way across his hip to lap at the sexy V there. “I love this spot.”

“You love my hip?” He laughs down at me, then groans as I pump my hand up and down his hard length.

“I love this line of muscle. Not everyone has it, you know.”

“You do.”

“You like that?” I climb to my feet.

“I love everything about your delectable little body, sweetness.”

“I’ve lost some muscle this month,” I pout, but he covers my mouth with his, finally, and rests his hands over my rib cage, inside the shirt.

“You’ll get it back,” he whispers as he kisses his way across my jaw to my neck. “Is it my turn now?”

“Sure, you can have a turn. This is a democracy, after all.”

He chuckles. “You’re funny.”

His eyes warm as they push his shirt over my shoulders and off my arms; it pools around our feet. His finger dips into the hem of my panties. “You’re so damn sexy.”

I let my eyes trail up and down his naked body. “Back at you.”

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