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“I like caramel in my pie.” I squeeze the sweet sauce over the top of the apples.

When I’ve finished, Ty weaves the strips of the remaining crust over the top. “I need one beaten egg,” he instructs me.

When I’ve beaten an egg in a bowl, he brushes it over the top of the crust. “This will make it golden brown.”

“Okay, Martha Stewart.”

He laughs as I push the pie into the oven and set the timer for forty minutes.

“Now”—he grabs the caramel sauce off the countertop and pins me in his sexy gray gaze—“I have plans for this.”

“What kind of plans?” I tilt my head, watching him carefully.

“Come here,” he says, instead of answering my question.

I cross to him and grin up at him.

“Take your shirt off.”

I cock an eyebrow but wordlessly comply, whipping my shirt over my head and letting it fall to the floor. My bra follows.

Ty’s eyes shine as they glide down to my chest and abdomen and back up to my face. “Pants next.”

“Getting naked was never part of the tradition.” I pull my jeans down my legs and kick them to the side.

“I think we should start a new tradition.”

He loops his arm around my waist and boosts me up onto the countertop and takes several steps back, watching me. Flour still covers his hair and is smudged on his forehead and cheek. His lips quirk up into a grin as he watches me, sitting high up on the counter, my feet dangling and rocking over the side.

“Jesus, you’re beautiful, Lo.”

My cheeks heat as I grin at him. “Thank you.”

“So we have”—he checks the timer on the oven—“thirty-six minutes to play.”

“That’s all you need?” I ask sassily, earning a laugh from him.

“I love your smart mouth.” He leans in and kisses me softly, only touching me with his lips, and it’s driving me crazy to sit here naked and not have his hands on me.

“Ty, I want your hands on me.”

“Oh, they’re gonna be on you, beautiful. Along with some other parts of me.”

“Now,” I whine.

He chuckles before planting a harder kiss on me. “Patience.”

“We only have thirty-five minutes.”

“Plenty of time.” He tips the caramel bottle and draws a heart around my right nipple.

“That’s cold.” I smile.

“I’ll warm you up.” He laves my nipple and the surrounding area with his tongue, licking the caramel off my skin. “Delicious.”

He pulls a line of sauce down my neck to my cleavage and follows with his tongue, licking it off. His eyes are tracking his every move as I lean back on my hands, giving him easier access to all of the skin on my torso.

Ty squeezes more sauce onto me, writing Ty + Lo on my skin, then surrounds it with simple flowers, all connected with stems that end just above my pubic bone.

For being drawn in caramel sauce, it’s not half-bad.

“I’m gonna be all sticky,” I whisper.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll clean you up.” He squats and pushes my legs apart.

“Do not squirt caramel sauce on my pussy!”

“Your pussy is sweet enough without it.” He draws lines down my thighs. My clit tingles, begging for his lips, but he plants a kiss at the innermost point of my thigh, avoiding my core altogether.

“You’re such a tease,” I accuse him with a laugh.

He just smiles up at me and continues the torture, only touching me with the caramel and his lips.

“Did you want me to kiss you here?” He brushes a fingertip lightly over my clit, making my hips come up off the countertop.


“What about here?” He pulls that finger down through my folds, gently stroking my lips.

“Yes, please.”

He leans in and plants a tender kiss over my clit, then moves down to my entrance, also planting a tender kiss there.

“Where else?”

“Here.” I point to my navel. He leans in and kisses it softly, then looks up at me for additional instructions.

I point to my left nipple. He rises and pulls it into his mouth, watching my eyes with his bright gray ones. I point to my other nipple and he repeats the movement on the other side, gently tugging on my already-puckered nub.

“Ty,” I whisper. “Please.”

“What do you need, baby?” He nibbles his way down my torso, licking at the now-warm caramel.

“I need you to make love to me.”

He kneels back onto his haunches and lays the bottle on the counter, then spreads my lips wide and leans in to pull his tongue through my labia to my clit, wraps his lips around it, and sucks in little pulses, making me go mad. I plant my feet on his shoulders and buck my hips against his mouth as fire shoots straight through me. His hands grip my hips firmly, holding me to him.

“Fuck, Ty, I’m gonna come.”

He growls and pulls his tongue down to push it into my pussy and presses his thumb against my clit, and I scream as the world falls away. I shiver and shudder and push against his face, riding the wave of this incredible orgasm.

Finally, he stands and unzips his pants and kisses me deeply. I can taste the caramel and myself on him.

“This is going to be sticky as hell,” I warn him. He grins and cups my face in his palms, kissing me like he’s a man starved. I find his uncovered cock and stroke it firmly, brush my thumb over the tip, spreading the drop of dew over the top, and he growls again.

“God, I love your hands.” He lifts me off the counter, sets me on my feet, and turns me around, bent with my legs spread and hands braced on the edge of the island.

“This way we won’t get stuck together.” He massages my pussy with the head of his cock. “I need to be inside you, baby.”

I push back on him as he slips inside me with a curse.

“I’m sorry, sweetness, I’m not in the mood to be gentle.”

“Don’t hold back,” I beg. I want it hard and fast.

He groans and begins to move quickly, pushing in and out, his glorious cock pulling on the walls of my pussy in the most amazing way. I tighten around him and he grips my hips even harder.

“Ah, fuck, baby, your pussy is so damn tight.”

“Harder!” I cry.

He grips my hair roughly in one hand and yanks back as he begins to slam in and out of me like a man on the edge of insanity.

He cries out as he bottoms out and rocks against me, coming long and hard inside me.

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