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She jumps in my arms, wraps those long-as-hell legs around my waist, grips my face in her hands, and kisses the fuck out of me. I plant my hands on her ass and carry her over to the wall, where I can support her with my body and I can touch her freely.

“I want you, right now,” she murmurs against my lips. Her hands are clenched in my hair, holding me still so she can continue to plunder my mouth with her own.

I let her set the pace. She’s circling her hips against mine, pushing her naked pussy against my crotch, and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

I swear to God, her lithe body is going to fucking kill me.

She grips both sides of the shirt she’s wearing and yanks hard, ripping the buttons free. “God, I can’t get close enough to you.”

“I fucking love your body,” I growl, and pull a nipple into my mouth, tugging with my teeth, rolling my tongue over it.

“Shirt off,” she orders.

“I kind of like this sexy bossy side to you, sweetness.”

Her eyes are hot as she watches me jerk my T-shirt over my head and toss it aside.

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any harder, she leans down, bites my shoulder, and makes me want to come out of my skin.

“I love your tats.” She grins and traces the yin and yang with her fingertip.

“I’ve noticed.” I laugh and plant my hands on the globes of her ass, hitching her up higher. I pull one hand around to her clit and then slide two fingers easily inside her. “You’re so fucking wet, sweetheart.”

“I want you right now, Ty.” She leans in and kisses my ink, and I almost come right then and there.

I push my jeans down my hips and thank God that I didn’t throw on any underwear as I position the head of my cock at her entrance and slide home.

“You feel so damn good, baby.” I bury my face in her neck and push and pull, over and over, increasing speed, losing myself in her warmth, in her amazing body.

Her legs and her pussy tighten around me and I know she’s about to come. Her chest rubs over mine, sending electricity straight down to my cock, and I’m right there with her.

“I’m gonna come,” she whispers.

“Look at me.”

She opens her eyes and pins me in her hot, blue stare as we ride each other in a torrential storm of lust and pure, unadulterated passion.

She bites her lip and bears down, groans, and shivers, coming over my dick, in my arms against the wall, sending me over the edge right along with her. I can’t stop rocking against her as my body continues to come endlessly inside her.

“You do things to me that I’ve never felt before,” she whispers as she rests her forehead on mine. “It scares me a little.”

“It scares me a lot, but you’re stuck with me, sweetness. You’re mine, do you understand?”

She offers me a small smile and drags her fingers down my cheek. “I get it. It’s not such a bad deal.”

“So glad you approve.” I pull out of her as she slides down my body. “I have to get to work.”

I don’t want to leave her, but today is a court day, and I don’t have a choice.

Jesus, Sullivan, grow a pair. You can survive without her during the workday.

She grins and pulls my shirt closed over her breasts as she licks those plump lips of hers, made even puffier from our rough kisses.

“I have to work too.” She turns back to look at the book covers hung on her wall. “They look so beautiful.”

“Is it okay?” I ask hesitantly.

“That you did this?”

I nod.

“It’s obviously okay, Ty. I just attacked you.”

Every Tuesday night from mid-May to mid-October, Cunningham Falls hosts a farmers’ market in Frontier Park. Local farmers and businesses set up tents and tables to display everything from fresh seasonal flowers to jellies and jams and handmade crafts.

In the center of the park is a temporary stage where musicians set up and play for the evening as well.

“Oh, God, these brownies are to die for,” Lauren moans as she nibbles on a sample from Mrs. Blakely’s booth. “I’ll take four.”

“There are only two of us,” I remind Lo with a laugh.

“These are all for me. If you want some, get your own.” She elbows me in the side and tucks her wrapped baked goods tightly to her chest.

“I had no idea you were so selfish.” I tug her hair back from her face and bend down to kiss her cheek as we walk past the next table. “I bet I could talk you out of one of those brownies.”

“No way.” She giggles up at me, her big blue eyes shining in the cool fall air. She’s wearing an orange vest over a long-sleeved, gray T-shirt and jeans. Nothing fancy at all, yet she completely takes my breath away.


“I don’t see how. These brownies are my favorite.”

I wrap my arm around her waist and tuck her against me as we walk and whisper in her ear, “If you’ll give me a brownie, I’ll bury my face in your pussy and eat you out until you can’t remember your own name.”

Her jaw drops and her breath catches and then she smiles up at me. “I guess I could part with one.”

“You’re so generous.” I kiss her temple as she laces her fingers through mine and leads me eagerly to a vendor selling fresh apples and apple cider.

“I need some of these.” She grins at the man, Lane, behind the table. “We’ll take three pounds, please.”

“Sure thing. Hey, Ty.”

“How’s it going, Lane?”

“Can’t complain.” He measures the apples and then passes the bag to Lauren, but I reach over and take them before she can.

“I’ll carry the heavy stuff.”

“Yes, three pounds of apples is just too much for my fragile frame to carry.”

“You guys should come check out the pumpkin patch this weekend,” Lane says.

“It’s opening already?” Lo smiles wide and claps her hands. “I love fall. This is my favorite time of year.”

“Yep, we open this weekend. There will be hay rides and the corn maze is ready too.”

“No haunted house this year?” she asks, disappointed.

“It’s there. Gorier than ever.”

“Yes!” She fist-bumps Lane and grins over at me. “I enjoy Halloween.”

“So I see.” I smile as we wave at Lane and carry on. “I take it we’ll be at the pumpkin patch this weekend?”

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