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“My grandmother,” Josh begins in a hushed voice, “used to bring me here very early in the morning, just like this. After my grandfather died, she brought me more often. I think she was lonely.”

I tilt my head back and watch him speak, enjoying the way he feels behind me.

“This is the best view of the sunrise in the world.” His eyes are trained on the mountains, watching as the whole world wakes up.

“But the best part”—he smiles down at me and guides Magic closer to the tree—“is right here. Look closely.”

He points to the trunk of the tree, where there are carvings. Three sets of old-fashioned hearts and initials are carved in the tree. At various heights.

“My great-grandparents”—he points to the set of initials highest on the tree. “My grandparents, and my parents.”

“No Zack and she-who-shall-not-be-named?” I ask sarcastically.

“No.” Josh shakes his head and glances down at me. “Z signed on with the army and they left pretty quickly after they got married.”

“It’s beautiful,” I murmur, looking at the weathered letters and hearts, and then back over at the sunrise. “This is amazing.”

“You are amazing,” he corrects me, and cups my cheek, pulling my lips to his. “I want to spend every sunrise with you, Carolina. Don’t go back to your house next week. Stay with me.”

“We’ve moved fast from the beginning,” I begin, but he shakes his head and frowns down at me.

“Tell me you were fine with sleeping alone last week.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Tell me you didn’t miss me.”

“I can’t do that either.”

“I need you here, baby.” He pushes my hair over my shoulder, his eyes soft and gentle. “I shouldn’t have let you go in the first place.”

“You didn’t let me go . . .”

“Yeah, I did. I’m not going to let it happen again.”

“I’m right here.” I snuggle against him and smile contentedly. “Let’s go home.”

“My pleasure.”

* * *

“Okay, I’ll say a word, and you say the first word that comes to mind.” We are sitting on Josh’s couch on Sunday afternoon, him in his sexy gray sweats that hang low on his hips, showing off his sexy V and defined abs and dark skin.

I want to lick him.

I’m in a tight tank and his short boxer-briefs, lying on the opposite side of the couch from him, my feet in his lap.

Those glorious hands of his are kneading the sole of my foot. I want to purr like a kitten.

“Uh, why?” he asks skeptically.

“We’re getting to know each other better.” I switch feet.

“I know you pretty well.” He offers me a playful smile and runs his hand up my calf.

“My head, not my body, perv,” I mutter dryly, making him laugh.

“Okay, shoot.”

“All right.” I settle back into the cushion, my hands on my belly, and watch him happily. “Tractor.”

“Field.” He’s watching his hands on my foot.


“Frame,” he responds absently.


“Friend.” I tilt my head and watch him carefully. He’s still looking down at my feet and legs, and enjoying giving me the massage. His voice is soft and relaxed, and his body is loose and stress-free.


“Love.” I grin at him as he raises his eyes to mine before turning his gaze back down to my legs.


“Cara.” His eyes find mine again, heating up now, and his hands tighten around my ankle. “My turn.”


His hands glide up the side of my leg to my knee and back down again in long, fluid strokes. “Tree.”

“Fall,” I murmur with a smile.



“Jillian.” He tilts his head slightly.

“Crazy.” I laugh.

He grips my leg and pulls me easily down the couch and moves over me, bracing himself on his elbows beside my head and nestling his pelvis against mine. He gently brushes my hair back from my face.

“Cock.” He grins widely.

“Hard.” I wrinkle my nose and circle my hips against him, feeling his hard cock pressed against me.

He sits back on his heels and pulls my shorts off quickly, tugs his sweats down to his knees and returns to me, not filling me yet, just rubbing that hard, long cock through my lips and against my clit.

“Mmm . . .” I moan.

“Shhh, this is my turn.” He brushes his lips over mine softly. “Kiss.”

“Sexy,” I gasp as he moves his hips back and forth, tormenting me.

“Clit,” he whispers, and pushes his hand between us, circling my clit with his middle finger.

“Happy.” I smile up at him and brush my hands down his side.

He sinks into me then, slowly filling me, and then pulls back, only to push inside again, setting a beautiful rhythm of push and pull, setting my core on fire. He kisses down my throat to my breast, sucking my nipple gently into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth and then brushing his tongue back and forth over the hard nub.

“Oh my,” I murmur, running my fingertips up and down his back.

“Shhh.” He pulls the other nipple into his mouth and pays it the same attention as he did its twin, then pushes up to kiss me deeply.

“Josh.” His eyes are hot as he says his own name, thrusting in and out of me quickly now.

I gaze up at him and push my hands through his soft, dark hair. How do I come up with one word to describe him?


“Ah, baby,” he murmurs, and kisses me again, pushing his tongue inside me to rub and coax my own tongue in a sensual rhythm that matches that of his hips.

I wrap my arms tightly around him, holding him flush against me, and feel my pussy begin to contract around his hard length. He pushes inside and holds himself there, grinding his pubis against my clit. I come undone, shuddering beneath him as the orgasm rolls through me.

He groans and cups my face in his hands as he comes, his hips pulsating against me as he empties inside me.

“I love you, Carolina. Don’t ever forget that.”

* * *

“I want to watch something romantic,” I inform him smugly.

“I don’t have anything romantic,” he replies, looking exasperated.

“It’s okay, I came prepared.” I jump up off the couch and run to the bedroom where my suitcase is, grab the Blu-ray case from my bag, and run back to the living room, where Josh is kneeling by the television.

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