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“You don’t have any reason not to trust me,” I remind him firmly, absorbing his heat, reveling in the strength of him against me.

“I know.” His lips glide softly down my temple to my cheek. “I do trust you. I wasn’t expecting Ty to answer your phone.”

I rest my hands on his hips. “Did you get the wolves?”

“We got them,” he confirms grimly.

His eyes are tired, and he has dark circles under them. I brush my thumbs over the dark smudges. “What else is bothering you?” I whisper.

“I miss you so much.” He closes his eyes, tightening his arms around me. “With everything happening at the Lazy K, not seeing you, not having you in my bed, I’m going crazy.” I start to answer, but he covers my lips with his finger. “I need you, Carolina. Please don’t send me away.”

“Oh, sweetheart.” Looping my arms around his neck, I pull him down to me as he tightens his arms around me again, and we hug each other close. “Stay with me.”

“Those are the words I should have said to you on Tuesday,” he murmurs softly against my forehead.

I kiss his chin and comb his hair soothingly in my fingers, my chest bursting with relief and love for this amazing man in my arms.

He hoists me against the wall, just like that night so many weeks ago, and kisses me aggressively, his mouth hot and demanding on mine, his tongue sliding against my own. He supports my center against his hips, wrapping my legs around his waist, and cups my face in his hands, never taking his lips away.

I open my eyes to find his on mine, hot and urgent.

He kisses his way across my cheek and to my ear, sucks the lobe in his mouth, making me moan.

He boosts me higher and sinks two fingers inside me.

“So wet,” he murmurs, and kisses down my neck, licking water droplets from the shower. His fingers begin to move, his thumb worrying my clit, driving me crazy.

This man makes me crazy.

He suddenly wraps both his arms around my torso and allows me to slide down his body until my bare feet hit the floor. He drops to his knees, pulls my right leg up over his shoulder, and buries his face in my core.

“Ah, fuck!” I exclaim, sink my hands in his hair, and hold on. “I’m going to fall.”

“Won’t let you,” he mutters, and licks from my labia up over my clit and kisses the crease between my pussy and my thigh. “I’ve got you.”

He latches on to my lips, hollows his cheeks, and pulls deeply, rubs his nose against my clit, and I swear to God I see stars. I come fast and hard, electricity zinging along every nerve, glorying in this man.

My man.

Before I can recover, he stands with my leg still on his shoulder, lifting me easily in his arms, the towels falling away from both my hair and my body.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he groans, and bites my neck, hard enough to leave a mark. He lowers me to the couch and steps back long enough to shuck off his own clothes. While he’s stripping, I sit up, and when he sits, I straddle him, lift my hips, and sink down onto him.

“Josh.” My voice is raspy with lust and need, and I begin to ride him, hard. He grips my hips and guides me up and down on him, thrusting his hips up to meet me.

One hand glides up my side to plump my breast as he leans in and sucks the nipple, tugs it with his teeth, and sucks it some more. He finds my clit with his other hand and drives me over the edge a second time.

“Not yet,” I rasp.

“Yes,” he growls. “Come. Now, Cara.”

I can’t help it. I clench down on him, my pussy convulsing around him as I come again and scream his name.

Before the contractions slow, he cups my ass in his palms and begins a hard, fast rhythm again, pushing into me forcefully and steadily.

“I have a weakness for you.” His teeth are clenched and the muscle at his jaw flexes as he speaks. “You are mine, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I whimper, and lean my forehead down to rest on his.

“Look at me.”

I pull back and meet his brown eyes.



His face contorts in a mixture of ecstasy and agony as he comes, pulling me down against him and grinding against me hard, making me come again as well.


“Fuck.” As his body calms, he leans his head back against the cushion, panting and stroking my skin with those amazing hands of his.

I lean in and kiss him, softly, tenderly, cupping his face in my hands as he continues to gently stroke my back, sides, and thighs. I sweep my lips over his, nuzzle his nose with my own, and kiss each of his cheeks.

“Love you so much,” I murmur against his mouth.

“I can’t be without you, Carolina.”

“Back at you, Joshua.”

* * *

I wake to soft sunlight and a cold bed. Without opening my eyes, I know that Josh has already left to go back to the ranch to take care of his responsibilities.

And that’s okay.

Because he loves me and he wants me.

I turn onto my side and feel something crinkle under my cheek. Opening my eyes, I pull the piece of notebook paper out from under my head and grin when I see Josh’s handwriting.


I didn’t want to wake you. I have to go back and handle a few things, but I’ll see you later today at the festival. Save some ice cream for me.

Love you,


With a wide grin, I hug the note to me and sigh happily as I snatch up my phone and send him a quick text.

I love you too. Will have huckleberry ice cream waiting for you. xo

Chapter Fourteen

“How are things going?” Mrs. Baker asks as she ties her pink polka-dotted apron and joins me behind the ice cream counter.

“Good. I’ve already sold three five-gallon tubs’ worth. My arms are going to hurt tomorrow.” I smile over at her as she grabs a scoop and motions for the next person in line. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining brightly, and the crowds are thick and loud. The scent of grilled hamburgers drifts over to me from the vendor next to us, and my stomach growls, reminding me that I’m hungry.

“You should squeeze a tennis ball,” she informs me. “Builds those muscles right up.”

“I’ll remember that for next year.” I laugh. Despite her age, Mrs. Baker has kept herself in excellent shape. She’s petite with short, salt-and-pepper hair and a wide smile.

“Cara!” Seth and his grandma Nancy King are next in line.

“Hi, guys.” I grin at Seth. “Let me guess. You’re here for crab legs?”

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