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Cara turns to me, a smile spreading over her face when she sees me. “Hi, babe!”

I cage her in, one hand on the bar and my other arm draped across the back of her stool. I’m not touching her as I lean in and press my lips to her ear so she’s sure to hear every word coming out of my goddamn mouth.

“Let’s get something straight, Carolina. You. Are. Mine. I’m the only man who will be buying you drinks.”

I hear her gasp and see the pulse in her neck speed up.

“Josh, you’re being ridiculous. He was just a nice guy, and it was just one shot.”

“I’m sorry, do I have this wrong?” I back slightly away so she can see my eyes. “Would you rather flirt with and get hit on by other men? Am I wrong to stake a claim? Because just a few hours ago you claimed to love me while I was buried deep inside you.”

She frowns and swallows again, and I know I should feel like a dick for that, but I can’t bring myself to. I need to know the score now.

“You’re not wrong,” she replies softly, and covers my hand with her own. “It felt innocent, Josh. It was just a shot.”

“It was innocent on your part, but not on his, sweetheart. He wants in your pants. Not that I blame him.”

“Just because he wants in my pants doesn’t mean I’d let him go there. Besides”—she smiles up at me and bites her lip, and I know she’s about to be a smart-ass—“I’m not wearing any pants.”

I laugh and shake my head, pull her small hand up to my lips, and kiss her knuckles.

“It made you uncomfortable?” she asks sweetly.

“It pissed me the fuck off,” I reply calmly, and watch her face as I kiss her knuckles again. “I’d rather not repeat it.”

“Caveman much?” she asks dryly, but her hazel eyes smile at me as she leans in to kiss my cheek. “I love you, babe. No creepy tourist with a shot of tequila is going to change that.”

“Good to know,” I respond wryly, and help her gather the beer bottles and Ty’s gin and tonic off the bar, then follow her back to our pool table.

Jill and Zack are gone, and Ty is working the table by himself, frowning and brooding.

“What’s wrong with you?” Cara asks him. “We’re having fun.”

“I’m having fun.” He shoots a ball in the side pocket.

“You’re frowning.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.” Cara props her hands on her hips and watches Ty.

“No, I’m not,” he repeats with a half grin.

“Why are you lying to me?”

“Josh, do something about your girl. She’s harassing me.” He laughs and runs around the table as Cara chases him.

“I’ll show you harassment, Sullivan!”

“Don’t make me sue you!” he taunts her, barely evading a punch to the arm.

“You don’t scare me!”

“Harassment and assault!”

As I laugh at their antics, I spy Zack and Jill out on the dance floor, slowly moving in each other’s arms. The song is slow and sexy and they are all over each other, completely wrapped up in each other.

Jill has had a good amount to drink tonight, but Zack hasn’t had a drop.

He leans down and murmurs something in her ear. She smiles and nods, and he clasps her hand in his as he leads her off the dance floor. As they pass by us, Z doesn’t look our way, but Jill catches Cara’s gaze and waves at her with a wink.

Cara stands perfectly still, watching with wide eyes as her best friend leaves the bar with my brother.

I hope he knows what he’s doing.

“What the fuck?” Ty steps forward, as if to follow them, but Cara grabs his arm and holds him back.

“Zack’s not an asshole,” she reminds him calmly. “And Jilly’s a grown woman. She’s fine.”

Ty glares down at her and then sighs deeply and pulls his hand down his face. “If he hurts her, I’ll skin him alive.”

“No, you won’t.” Cara grins at him and pats his arm soothingly. “Don’t be such a worrywart.”

But she glances back at the door they just left from, worry of her own evident in her hazel eyes.

“You always were a pain in the ass,” Ty mutters.

“Yep.” Cara saunters back to me and her beer. She winks at me and takes a drink from the bottle. “Are you gonna teach me to play pool, or what?”

My dick immediately comes to attention at the thought of Cara bending over this table and me bending over behind her.

“Sure, you wanna learn how to play?”

“Sure.” She shrugs and grins.

“I’m out, guys.” Ty passes Cara his cue and gives her a hug before clapping me on the shoulder and waving good-bye.

“Don’t go,” Cara pouts, her lips pursed.

“No, do go.” I wave him off, ready to spend some time with my girl.

“Rude.” She glares at me.

I shrug and laugh. “Now I have you to myself.”

“Okay, then teach me how to do this.” She positions the white ball on the green felt of the table, lining it up to hit a green stripe in the corner. I lean back against my stool and watch her lean over the table, her ass pulling the cotton of her dress tight, and she shoots, completely missing.

“Josh?” She looks back at me over her shoulder.

“Yes, baby?”


“Put the cue down, Cara.”

She frowns and lays the cue on the table and turns to me.

“Come here.”

My arms are crossed over my chest, hands tucked firmly under my biceps as I lean on the chair, my feet shoulder-width apart.

“What is it?” She comes to stand directly in front of me.

I stare down at her for a moment, taking in her wide amber eyes, glassy from a little too much beer, and her long blond hair, tucked behind her ears now, showing off the hoops in her ears.

“You don’t want to play pool?” she asks with a raised brow.

I shake my head no, my face perfectly calm.

“What do you want to do?”

I lean in, still not touching her, and whisper directly into her ear, “I want to take you home and fuck the hell out of you all night long.”

I pull back in time to see her mouth drop in surprise, and then she sends me a sassy smile. “What are we waiting for?”

With a laugh, I bend down and lift her onto my shoulder, my forearm looped over the back of her thighs, careful to make sure the hem of her dress is covering all the necessary parts so I don’t have to kill anyone for looking up her skirt, and carry her out, to the delight of the patrons still in the bar.

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