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He grows quiet and sits across the table from me, staring down at his plate, his hands fisted on the table.


“Are you finished?” he asks quietly, his voice in direct opposition to his body language.


“Good.” He stands, scoops me out of my chair, and heads straight to his bedroom.

“Aren’t we supposed to wait thirty minutes after eating before we can do this?” I ask with a laugh, and bury my face in his neck as he carries me through the house.

“I think we’ll be fine. I need you.”

He kisses my temple gently and sets me on my feet at the edge of the bed.

“No kitchen sex today?”

“Maybe later. For now, I want you here, in my bed.”

His eyes are intense as he steps to me and runs his knuckles down my cheek. I settle my hands on his hips, looping my middle fingers through his belt loops and brushing my thumbs on the warm, smooth skin beneath his T-shirt.

“I love the way you touch me,” he whispers, and leans in to kiss my forehead, so gently that I can barely feel it. His lips move down to my cheeks, my nose, and finally settle over my own. His hands grip the hem of my shirt, and he lifts it over my head, making me back away for just a moment, and then his lips are on mine again.

He unfastens my denim shorts and lets them fall around my ankles.

“Fuck me, you’re not wearing underwear.” His wide eyes catch mine and I grin smugly.


“That’s fucking hot.”

“I’m glad you approve.” I make quick work of his own jeans and shirt, anxious to feel his skin under my hands.

When his jeans and shorts slide down his hips, his erection springs free, and I immediately sit at the edge of the bed, wrap my hands around the length, and suck the tip into my mouth.

“Fuck,” he whispers, and plunges his fingers into my hair, not pushing himself into me, but needing to have his hands on me.

I lick the length of him, down to the small patch of dark hair at the base, and then back up again, tracing the thick vein that runs up the underside of his beautiful cock.

“I love your cock,” I murmur, and look up at him as I take him into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the tip, and sink down until I feel him at the back of my throat.

He growls as his head falls back and his hands clench in my hair. Now he does begin to guide me up and down on his length in a steady, even rhythm. I cup his ass in my hands, reveling in the clench of the muscles as he thrusts into my mouth.

I sink down again, and this time when the tip is in the back of my throat, I swallow, massaging the tip of his cock.

“Son of a bitch!” He grips my hair roughly and pulls me off him, bends down to wrap an arm around my waist, and scoots me effortlessly back onto the bed.

“I wanted to make you come,” I pout, batting my eyelashes at him playfully.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth.” He shakes his head and covers me with his body. “I want to come in your pussy.”

“Well then, do it.”

“I will.” He flashes me a naughty grin that has my stomach muscles tightening and my legs flexing around his hips. “Eventually.”

I rotate my hips, pushing my wet pussy against his full cock, and he moans, narrowing his eyes down at me playfully.

“You’re trouble, you know that?”

“Me?” I roll my hips again and grin when he bites his lower lip. “I just want you inside me.”

He suddenly reverses our positions, rolling us across the bed, and I’m now on top, straddling him. I grip his hands in mine, linking our fingers and holding them down at either side of his head, and kiss him deeply as I continue to grind on him, spreading my juices up and down his hard, thick cock.

“Jesus Christ, sweetheart, you’re fucking with my head.”

“I think I’ll fuck with something else too,” I murmur, and lift my hips, feeling the tip at my opening. I sink down until he’s seated inside me. “God, you feel good.”

He pulls his hands out of mine and grips my hips, raising and lowering me on him. I lean back and plant my hands on his thighs and ride him in earnest, hard and fast, glorying in the look of complete rapture on his face, the feel of his hands gripping so hard on my hips that they’re sure to leave bruises, and the feel of his rock-hard cock thrusting mercilessly inside me.

Making him lose himself like this is my undoing.

He sits up and wraps his arms around my waist, takes my nipple into his mouth, and suckles hard, pulling me even harder and deeper onto him.

“Come,” he commands, and sucks on the other nipple, and his harsh voice sends me over into an amazing orgasm. I push down and clamp on to him, grinding against him, riding the wave of the orgasm.

He suddenly lifts me off him and crawls quickly off the bed, turning me so my legs are dangling off the side and I’m facedown into the covers and pillows that have been scattered about.

“My feet can’t reach the floor.” My voice is breathless as he plants himself behind me and grips my hips roughly in his callused hands.

“Wrap your legs back around my thighs.”

He slams inside me as my calves clench the backs of his thighs, and he grips one wrist behind my back and pulls my hair with his other hand, holding me down against the bed as he fucks me blind.

It’s the most savage he’s ever been with me, as though he’s reminding me with every thrust just whom, exactly, I belong to.

After just a few thrusts, he slams into me and stills, coming hard. He groans my name and releases my wrist and hair and then bends over and plants wet, openmouthed kisses across my shoulders and on the back of my neck.

“Mine,” he whispers before pulling out of me and helping me back onto the bed. He wraps himself around me. “I think we could both use a nap,” he murmurs, and kisses my cheek.


He brushes my hair back off my neck and kisses that tender spot just under my ear.

I sigh deeply, and before I know what’s happening, the words “I love you” leave my mouth.

Josh tenses up behind me, and my eyes go wide as I realize what I’ve said aloud, my body also stiffening.

Fuck, what do I say now?

Josh suddenly pulls me onto my back and leans up on his elbow to look down at me, watching my face carefully.

He’s not saying it back.

He’s not saying anything at all.

His eyes narrow on my face and he gently brushes a single strand of hair off my cheek.

“Say it again.”

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