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“How was that?”

“Holy shit,” I whisper, and open my eyes.

“I’m not done.”

He carries me to the bed, still inside me, and lays me flat on my back, my lower legs hanging off the edge. He kisses me, then pulls out of me, making me groan.

“Josh . . .”

“Shhh.” He circles a nipple with his tongue and then nuzzles the underside of my breast. “Just relax and enjoy.”

“What are you doing?”

“What I’ve wanted to do since you got out of your car two weeks ago. I’m tasting you.”

He drags his lips down my belly, over my navel, and to the small patch of curls that cover my pussy.

He kneels between my knees and lifts my legs over his shoulders, tilts my pelvis up with one hand on my ass, and pulls one finger down my slit from my clitoris all the way down to my ass.

“You’re so swollen and wet for me.” His voice is a deep whisper. He leans in and gently kisses that sensitive nub, licks it, then kisses it again.

“Josh,” I whisper, closing my eyes.

“Yes, baby.” Now I feel the flat of his tongue against me and he pushes it down into my folds and inside me.

“Shit!” I cry out as he sucks my lips into his mouth, and I feel him grin against me before he does it again, making me writhe and move against him, circling my hips against his face.

If he stops, I might kill him.

“Oh, God, I can’t.” My head is thrashing side to side, and the tension is coiling tighter than it ever has. This orgasm is going to kill me.

“You can,” he mutters, and pushes two fingers inside me as he continues to lap at my clit and lips. “I want you to come again, honey.”

I link my ankles over his shoulders and push my pelvis against his face and feel the world fall away from me as I come so hard I can’t breathe.

Through my orgasmic haze, I feel him kiss the inside of my thighs, my pubis, and up my torso. He sucks each nipple gently, and I frown at the change in him.

Minutes ago he was a man possessed, obsessed with taking me hard, and now he’s gentle.


He pushes me farther up on the bed and covers me with his body, cradled in the apex of my thighs, braced on his elbows on either side of my head.

He buries his fingers in my hair, nuzzles my nose with his own, while gently rocking his hard cock against my folds.

“Do you have any idea how fucking gorgeous you are?” he whispers.

Rather than answer, I drag my fingertips down his cheek and lift my head to brush his lips with my own. I can taste myself there, and it only makes me want him more.

“You needed me to fuck you, baby, but I need to make love to you. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this.” He frowns down at me and nibbles the side of my mouth. “Say something.”

“I need you inside me.”

His lips quirk against mine as he moves his hips back until the head of his cock is nestled against my opening. “Now?”


And slowly, so slowly it brings tears to my eyes, he fills me, all the while watching me with a look of complete and utter contentment on his amazing face.

“You feel so good,” I whisper.

“It’s all you, baby.”

He begins to move, long, slow strokes, pushing me higher and higher, but then he stops and waits for me to come back down.

“That was mean.”

He chuckles and licks a trail from my collarbone to my ear. “We’re gonna make this last, Carolina.”

“I hate that name,” I remind him, and gasp as he begins to move again.

“I love your name,” he whispers, and wraps his lips around my nipple, suckling softly, and I feel it down to my clit. I squirm beneath him, silently begging him to speed up again, but he stops.

“Every time you try to control this, we start over again.”

My eyes burst open at his soft declaration. “What?”

“You heard me. You had it your way.” He lifts one of my legs up onto his shoulder, opening me wider, and pushes in deeper, making me gasp. “Now I get to take you places you’ve never known before, baby.”

“I can’t do this,” I mutter, and shake my head, but he stills me with a soft kiss on my lips and his hand gently smoothes up and down my side.

“You can. Just enjoy, honey.”

He starts to move his hips again, slowly but steadily, and I’m amazed at how deep he is. No one has ever before been so deep.

No one has ever made me feel like this.

My muscles contract around him and he clenches his jaw and eyes shut, lowers his forehead to mine, and circles his hips, moving his cock in and out, brushing my G-spot with every damn stroke.

I grip his ass in my hands and urge him to move faster, but he maintains his rhythm.

“Love your hands on me,” he mutters, and reaches behind him to grip my hand in his, linking our fingers, and pins my hand to the bed above my head.

Finally he speeds up, his lust carrying him now, and he pushes against my clit with every thrust. I tighten my thighs against his hips and arch my head back as he buries his face against my neck.

“Come, Carolina.” He bites the top of my shoulder and I unravel beneath him, crying out, squeezing his hand and his ass, and he growls as he finds his own release.

I’ve never felt anything else like it in my life.

He releases my leg and my hand and cups my face gently, kisses me thoroughly, sweeping those lips over mine, tangling our tongues and nibbling as if he were a starved man at a buffet.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks quietly as we regain our breath.

“No.” I smile softly at him and kiss his cheek. “You definitely didn’t hurt me.”

“Stay here.”

He kisses me one last time and pulls out of me, walks naked into the bathroom, and I hear running water. He quickly returns with a wet, warm washcloth and cleans me up, then tucks us both into bed.

Between the tree falling on my house last night, and the amazing bout of sex with Josh this evening, I’ve never been so tired in my life.

He tucks me against him the way he did last night, but I turn in his arms, preferring to face him, and nuzzle against his chest. He kisses my head and rubs his hands up and down my back.

“So tired,” I mutter, and yawn deeply.

“So beautiful.”

“You say that a lot.” I lean back and look up into his dark face. I can see his smile in the moonlight.

“I think it a lot.”

I smirk and kiss his sternum.

“How did you get your hair this straight?” He pushes his fingers into my hair, brushing it with his fingers.

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