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Seth shrugs again and frowns.

I think I just fell in love with both of them.

“Just don’t do gross stuff in front of me,” he grumbles, and stomps off to the truck.

“Well, there’s more of his dad in him than he thinks,” Ty observes, and grins at Josh.

Josh looks over at me, his eyes roam over my face, and I’m not sure what he’s looking for, but I squeeze his hand with my own and offer him a small smile.

“Here are three words I never thought I’d say willingly: let’s go shopping.”

* * *

If he touches me one more time, I swear I’ll combust.

He’s had his hands on me all day: resting a hand on the small of my back to lead me into a store, holding my hand, brushing my hair behind my ear. And he keeps smiling at me, winking.


Dear God, I want him.

I finally have a few moments to myself, in the spare bedroom. I’m hanging the few new pieces of clothing I bought today in the closet, stuffing underwear, bras, and socks in a drawer and pulling tags off my new flip-flops and sneakers.

“What are you doing?”

Josh is leaning casually against the doorframe, his hands in his pockets. I take a moment to soak him in.

His long, jean-clad legs are crossed at the ankle; torso and shoulders are molded in a black T-shirt. His dark hair is messy and his lips are quirked in a smirk, his brown eyes happy and trained on me.

“I’m putting my things away,” I mutter, and turn back to the task at hand.

“You’re in the wrong room.” I hear him approach behind me, his bare feet quiet on the plush carpet.

“It’s better if I stay in here.”

He grips my shoulders in his hands and turns me to face him. “Why?”

“I’m much better, Josh. You don’t have to keep an eye on me.”

He jerks me up against him, pressing his pelvis—his erection—into my belly, and his hands grip me tighter.

“Me wanting you in my bed has nothing to do with your damn tree.”

I frown up at him and then look down, shaking my head.

“Why is it so hard for you to believe that I want you, sweetheart?” His voice is soft as he leans in and whispers in my ear. “Answer me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe it.” My eyes flutter closed at the feel of his breath against my ear. “Hell, I can feel it. But we’ve known each other for ages, and now . . .”

“Now what?” His lips glide down my neck and back up to my ear.

“Now we have more to think about than whether or not we’re attracted to each other. There’s Seth to consider,” I whisper.

“Do you trust me?” He pulls back just a few inches so he can look me in the eye, and I swallow.


His eyes flare and he smiles softly, cups my neck in his hands, and lowers his mouth to mine.

I love the way he kisses!

His full lips cover mine and he stills, not moving them, just breathing me in. I glide my hands up his shoulders and into his hair and press myself against him, my nipples puckering, and he growls as he sinks into me, licking the seam of my lips, asking for entrance.

I kiss him back, sucking and pulling on his lower lip with my teeth. His eyes narrow as he bends down and lifts me easily in his arms, carrying me out of the spare room and into his bedroom, never taking his lips from mine.

It’s as if he can’t get enough of me, and I feel the exact same way.

I need him.

I need this.

“Are you sure?” he asks, his deep voice heavy with lust.

“Yes.” He sets me on my feet and I immediately pull my shirt up over my head. “I want you.”

“Damn, baby.” His eyes are on my round breasts, and I’m shy for a moment. I move to cover myself with my hands but he pulls them away and kisses my palms. “Don’t.”

“You need to get naked.”

“I will.” He grins.


“Be patient.”

“No, I need you. Hard and fast, Josh.” I’m panting now and pulling at his jeans, but he stops me, his eyes narrowed and on my face.

“What’s the hurry?”

“I need to feel alive,” I whisper, and clench my eyes shut. He cups my face in his palms. I open my eyes to see him looking down at me so tenderly it makes me hurt. “I don’t need soft and slow, I need to remember that I’m alive and I need you to fuck me.”

He sucks in a breath and crushes his lips to mine, strips me out of the rest of my clothes, cups my ass in his hands, and lifts me the way he did the other night at my house. I don’t have time to be shy in my nakedness. He’s devouring me.

Claiming me.

And I fucking love it.

He braces me against the wall as I’m pulling at his T-shirt. He finally pulls his mouth away from mine long enough to yank it over his head and throws it to the floor.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he growls, and buries his face in my neck, kissing and suckling me. His hands cup my breasts and he lifts them to his lips.

“Oh my God.” I reach between us and unfasten his jeans, pushing them with my feet down his hips, unleashing his impressive cock. “This is beautiful,” I mutter.

He grins wolfishly and hoists me up higher against the wall. “I’m clean, I promise.”

“On the pill,” I mutter, and bite his neck. “Now, Josh.”

And with that he pushes inside me, all the way, in one long, slow thrust. His cock is long and thick and fills me perfectly.

As if he were made just for me.

“Damn, baby,” he growls. “Look at me.”

I open my eyes and bite my lip.

“Your eyes are so green.” He kisses me softly and groans. “You’re so snug, babe.”

“Move,” I beg, and roll my hips.

“Cara, don’t do that . . .”

“Fuck me,” I beg, and roll my hips again as he begins to pound in and out of me, hard. He reaches between us and thumbs my clit, and I suddenly see stars. I’m going to come, hard and fast.

“That’s right, sweetheart.” He’s panting hard now, moving faster and harder. “God, your pussy is so damn good.”

“Josh,” I mutter.

“Let go, Cara.” He pushes on my clit, just a bit harder, and my world explodes around me, scattering in thousands of pieces and then gathering again at the center of me. I cry out and grip his hair in my fingers, bucking my hips against him.

He stops, buried to the root, and leans his forehead against mine, breathing hard.

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