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The vein on his temple is throbbing as he looks down at me like he’s going to shred my clothes off and fuck me right here in the doorway.

“Umm, good morning,” I say with a quiver as I look up at him. His jaw is so tight. Shit, even his hands are squeezed into fists as he tries to restrain himself. “I wasn’t expecting you so early. Come in.”

I open the door and step aside. He walks in, his whole body flexed tight as his possessive eyes remain on me. He takes a deep inhale and my whole body tingles knowing he’s probably smelling my most private scent.

“I know we said ten o’clock,” he says in a deep rumbling voice. “But I was up all night waiting to see you again.”

“Looks like you saw more of me than you expected,” I say with a nervous laugh as my cheeks burn a bright red.

“No,” he says with a hard swallow. “I didn’t see nearly enough.”

I take a couple of deep breaths and then scamper down the hallway before I do something that I’ll regret.

I can’t get involved with this man. At least not until after Peggy’s painting is done. He really is the perfect man for what she’s looking for and I can’t blow my shot at getting the painting completed. It has to be perfect after my epic failure with Gavin and his average-sized cock.

“Want some coffee?” I holler down the hall.

“I’m good,” he says. “I’m just going to go set up.”

“Alright!” I open the fridge and fan some of the cold air into my burning face.

God, he looks good this morning. He’s wearing beige chino pants and a white Polo. The sleeves are gripping his biceps so hard that it looks like the seams will explode if he flexes his arm.

I grab a cold cucumber and put it to my forehead to cool me off, but that just makes me think of Cole’s huge cucumber, so I toss it back in the fridge like it’s hot to the touch.

“Be professional,” I whisper as I close the door and steady myself. Yeah, that already went out the window the second he saw you masturbating in your studio to his picture.

I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and head in there, so that’s what I do.

“Oh!” I gasp when I walk in and see him already ready to go. He’s standing on the platform completely naked with that big long cock out in full glorious view.

My eyes zero in on it immediately as I stay stalled in the doorway. Is it possible it’s even bigger than I remembered?

“It smells incredible in here,” he says as I walk over to the stool on shaky legs. “What were you doing before I arrived?”

I gulp as I keep my eyes off him. It’s a struggle. “You know, just touching up some paintings.”

“Were you touching anything else?”

Shit. He saw everything.

“Nope,” I say as my ears and neck start blushing too. “Just paintings. I’ll get started. It’s better if you stop talking.”

“What was the position I was in again?” he asks as he starts moving. “Was it this?”

I peek out from behind the large canvas and nearly have a heart attack when I see him gripping his long thick cock.

I guess professionalism is over between us. Well, two can play at that game.

“Not quite like that,” I tell him. “Slide your hand up to the tip.”

He groans as he slides his hand up his meaty shaft.

“No, too high. Bring it back down.”

Another deeper groan as he slides it back down to the thick base.

“Keep doing that until I tell you to stop.”

He watches me with a fire in his eyes as he slides his clenched hand up and down his hardening shaft, jerking himself off as I watch.

“Oh, that wasn’t it at all!” I say with a grin. “Hands at your sides please.”

He releases his big dick and stands in the right position, only his cock is as hard as a rock and pointing up at the ceiling.

“What was that about?” he asks, looking tortured as he stands there with a full massive erection.

“Nothing,” I say with a shrug. “But I guess we’re even now.”

That sexy mouth curls up into a grin.

“I guess we are, although your wet panties were in the way. I didn’t get to see the best part.”

“Too bad for you,” I say as I squirt out some paint.

“Too bad indeed,” he says with an edge to his voice. “But next time, leave the panties upstairs.”

I gulp as I focus on mixing the paints, fighting my eyes which are desperately trying to look at him.

Next time?

When the heck will that be?



* * *

I’ll be feasting my eyes on Mila’s little kitty by the end of the day. My mind is made up. My resolve might as well be carved in stone.

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