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An hour later they had Lily fed and settled in her bed for a nap. They each placed a kiss on her forehead. Out in the hall, Grant said, “As much as I would like a nap myself, with you naked beside me, I think we need to talk first. Then, as your doctor, I’m going to order one.”

He took her hand and led her down to the kitchen. She broke their contact. “I’ll fix you some coffee and put on water for tea.”

Grant took a seat at the table. As she worked she felt him watching her.

“You know, after you left I hated coming in here almost as much as I had hated going into my father’s den. This is just a kitchen when you aren’t here but when you are it becomes a home.”

She looked at him. “Thank you. That might be the nicest compliment I’ve ever been given.”

“I meant every word. Sara, I’m sorry I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. I was so scared to trust you or anyone else again that I almost lost you.”

“So what happened to change your mind?”

“You leaving. Me being miserable. Being forced to face my demons. I had to accept my father was human. He made mistakes but they weren’t ones I have to repeat. I could lose the best thing that ever happened to me or decide that I would be different. I’ve chosen different.”

She brought him a mug of coffee and set her cup and saucer on the table. “I’ve known you were different from the moment you decided to raise Lily.”

“Sara, I want you to help me do that.” He put his hand in his pocket, pulling out her wedding ring. Going down on one knee, he took her left hand. “Will you continue to be my wife?”

Joy surged through her. He slipped the ring on her finger. She kissed him with all the love in her heart. Breathless, she broke the kiss. This was her time and she was going to grasp it and hold on for dear life.

Grant sat in his chair again but didn’t let go of her hand.

“I’d like to tell you something.”

“Anything.” He kissed her hand.

“I called Emily’s parents.”

Grant looked at her intently. “How did that go?”

“Better than I thought it would. I cried. They cried. And they forgave me. I’m planning to have dinner with them next week. Would you go with me?”

He smiled. “Just try to stop me.”

“I have one more request.”

“Name it and it’s yours.”

She looked at his handsome sincere face that she loved so much. “Will you call me sweetheart?”

His smile reached his eyes. “I will every day for the rest of our lives, sweetheart.”

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