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He had no intention of spending any night under the same roof with her and not be sharing the same bed. The days of him sleeping on the sofa or hiding out at his apartment were over. She’d been more than receptive to his lovemaking last night and that morning. He refused to let her hide from him now. There was something between them that was worth exploring.

Grant took his time going upstairs. He wanted Sara to have some space before he joined her. He entered his bedroom and went to the bathroom. No sound came from Sara’s room. He showered, then pulled on his boxers before tapping on their adjoining door. There was no response. He knocked again and opened the door a crack.

“Is there something wrong?” To his surprise, Sara was sitting on the bed, facing the door, as if she was expecting him. She was wearing the gown with the thin straps he’d wanted to pull off her weeks ago.

“No. I’m just checking on you.” That was a half-truth. He wanted her, wanted her badly, and had every intention of having her.

“I’m fine.”

He strolled around to the other side of the bed.

“What’re you doing?” She twisted on the mattress, watching him.

“I’m getting into bed with my wife.” He pushed his boxers down. He enjoyed her hiss of surprise. “After all, we are married and this is my bedroom.”

“No, it isn’t!”

He climbed under the covers and grinned at her. “Yes, it is. You’ve been sleeping in my childhood bedroom all this time.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Why didn’t you say something?”

He shrugged. “At first it didn’t matter and after a while I sort of enjoyed the thought of you asleep in my bed.”

Sara picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

“Two can play that game.” He snatched the pillow from behind him and tossed it at her.

She giggled and went after another one. Grant grabbed it out of her hand and captured her wrist, dragging her to him. Sara fell across his chest. Pleasure hot and strong flowed through him. He had Sara in his arms again. He rolled her over and kissed her. Her hands found his back and pulled him to her. This was how it should be between them always.


FOR SARA, DURING the next week the household settled into a rhythm that was both comforting and dreamlike at the same time. Grant would grab a quick coffee with her and Lily before he left each morning. It would all be very domestic and normal appearing except he never gave her a goodbye kiss. It was as if both of them associated that intimate act with a real marriage. Which theirs wasn’t. And wouldn’t be, no matter how she wished it so.

Her days were spent taking care of Lily’s needs just as before. She looked forward to the evenings and seeing Grant far too much. They would agree in the morning what they would do for dinner. Sometimes she cooked, others he brought something home, but either way she was always glad to see him.

If she was cooking he spent time entertaining Lily. He was becoming a good father, all things considered. If he was making dinner, he wanted her to sit in the kitchen with the baby and talk to him while he put everything on the table. Next to his lovemaking, she would miss their evenings together. With great effort she tried not to dwell on that fast-approaching day but that was easier said than done. When the time came, where would she go to recover from her broken heart? What would she do?

Grant helped her get Lily down for the night when he didn’t have work to see to. With Lily asleep and his work finished, they would watch a few TV shows in the den, with him seated in the corner of the sofa and she curled into his side.

Then came her favorite part of the day when Grant saw to her pleasure as if it was the most important thing he had done all day. During their lovemaking she felt taken care of instead of the one doing the nurturing. She went to sleep securely wrapped in his arms.

One day Grant had a late surgery case. He called to let her know. Sara went to bed without him but it didn’t seem right. She was coming to depend on Grant just for her rest. That scared her.

Early in the wee hours, he slipped into bed and gathered her close. She placed her hand over one of his. “How did it go?”

“Successful. You should be asleep.”

“I will now.”

Had he murmured, “I missed you too,” before he’d kissed her cheek and his breathing had become even?

At breakfast later in the week Grant said, “I’d like to take you out tonight.”

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