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Taking a deep breath, Sara shimmied out of her jeans, letting them fall to the floor and leaving her naked accept for her panties.

“I want to see all of you.” This time his hand went to her shoulder and glided along the back of her arm to her elbow.

With shaking hands, she hooked her thumbs in the lace of her panties and slipped them off.

“How could you ever imagine I wouldn’t think you’re amazing?” Grant pulled her to him, his hardness a contrast to her softness. His kiss was slow, gentle, and thorough.

Grant made her feel beautiful. As if he saw who she really was.

While he kissed her his hands stroked her skin. As sensitive as her flesh had been before, now that she was unclothed it tingled with the need for his attention from the top of her head to her toes. A caress was a mighty thing. He pulled her close.

Grant’s manhood was a ridge of desire standing strong between them. His mouth left hers to kiss the length of her neck out to her shoulder. She purred with ecstasy.

Releasing her, he stepped to the bed and pulled the sheet back. He lay down on his side with his head propped on his hand. With the other, he patted the space beside him. “Please join me.”

This was the time when she could say she had changed her mind. Grant wouldn’t push. He would be disappointed but he’d never take her against her will. Need, and something she wasn’t willing to label drove her to slide along the cool sheet to lie facing him.

Grant’s hand came to rest on her hip. She smoothed a hand over his chest, memorizing all the dips and rises. There was a dusting of hair on his pectorals and she enjoyed playing with the springy mass. She looked at Grant. He watched her. His focus went to her breasts. As his finger touched the tip of a nipple his eyes became almost as dark as the night.

Lowering her hand, Sara ran it over the hard plane of his stomach, bumping the tip of his manhood. He sucked in a breath. Using the back of her hand, she lightly brushed down his length. She was captivated when it quivered. Looking at him, she saw a man straining for control. It gave her a heady sense of power to know that Grant wanted her so badly.

“Now you’ve done it,” he rumbled. Plucking the packet from the table, he opened it and rolled the condom over his shaft. He pushed her shoulders back against the sheets and leaned down to kiss her. Only his lips touched hers. Not enough, she wanted more. All of him.

She pulled him to her. He settled between her legs. His length rested at her opening. She shifted her hips, taking the tip of him. Still she wanted more.

“Grant,” she moaned in desperation. Why was he teasing her when she was so hungry to have him?

Her gaze met his as he whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

“You.” The word was barely out before his mouth claimed hers and his shaft did as well. She bucked off the bed then settled as he found a rhythm that she joined. It wasn’t long until she soared above their merged bodies and drifted down on a satisfied sigh.

Grant flexed his hips with force, going deep three more times. A guttural groan announced the summit of his pleasure. He lowered himself to lie over her, relaxed and heavy. Seconds before she would have complained of his weight, he rolled to his side. His arms remained around her and he kissed her temple.

They lay together until their breathing evened again.

Life had just taken an irreversible turn. She’d never have enough of Grant. Exhaling, she drifted off to sleep.

Sara reached for him in the middle of the night and Grant was powerless to refuse her, neither did he want to. This time their coming together was sweet and slow, nothing like the frenzy of earlier. He’d never been more flattered than when Sara had found her release.

Just listening to her soft even breathing next to him gave him a sense of contentment he’d never felt before. He didn’t make it a habit of spending the night with women but something seemed right about having Sara’s soft body snuggled against his.

She was as big-hearted in her lovemaking as she was about everything else in her life. He wished he’d had her in his world when he’d been growing up. She would have been supportive and encouraging. With Sara he measured up. Was good enough. That emotion had been missing in his life where his relationships were concerned. He liked this new feeling.

* * *

The hazy morning light shone through the curtains as he eased from the bed, making an effort not to disturb Sara. She had earned her rest. He grabbed his phone and as quietly as possible he opened the door to the outside deck where the hot tub was located. After making a quick call to check on Lily, he flipped the switch on the wall on and slipped into the water. The warm jets of liquid churning around him felt magnificent, but not as wonderful as having Sara in his arms.

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