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She squirmed. When would he touch her? Her nipples hardened and pushed against the thin covering of her bra.

Grant’s mouth continued to make magical, amazing moves across her hairline and down to her brow. Still his hands didn’t move.

With her hands at his waist, she pushed his shirt up and slipped them beneath. Warm skin over hard muscle greeted her. Reveling in the feel of him, she let her fingers have free rein to explore.

Still Grant’s hands remained where they were. She groaned and his mouth met hers in a wet, hot kiss. His hips brushed against hers. If the goal was to let her know how much he desired her he’d made his point.

One of Grant’s thumbs slowly brushed over her nipple. She jumped. Blood pooled hot at her center, making her throb. Again he touched her and a whimper rolled from her lips. She gripped his back. The man made her weak with longing.

He rolled to his side. His gaze captured hers. “I have to touch you.”

Grant’s hands gathered her shirt up and his fingers moved underneath to settle on her flesh. She tingled throughout as a hand traveled to the barrier of her bra. Like a pro, he soon located the front clasp and flicked it open. For a fleeting moment she noted that this wasn’t his first time of removing a woman’s underclothing. That thought vanished as Grant’s hand caressed her breast. She hissed.

He teased her already sensitive nipple, making it stand more firmly against his palm. Using his finger, he circled it and moved away to return again. With each touch her breath caught.

“I have to taste you.” Grant pushed the material higher.

Sara lifted her torso off the bed enough for him to remove her shirt. With that done, she lay back. Grant hovered over her, his attention on her alone.

“More beautiful than I imagined.”

He’d been thinking of her? Her. He saw her.

Cupping a breast, he lifted it. Slowly his head came down.

Sara held her breath in anticipation. She shivered the second his mouth drew her in. Molten heat shot to her center as he rolled and tugged her nipple with his tongue. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she accepted all the pleasure he offered.

His attention moved to her other breast and tormented it until she squirmed. His lips traveled to her cleavage, leaving butterfly kisses in their wake. One of his hands massaged the top of her thigh while his mouth journeyed down along her stomach. Her skin rippled with each touch. His mouth paused at the waistband of her jeans. The hand on her thigh slid up, undid the button and gently opened the zipper.

Grant’s mouth returned to hers for a smoldering kiss while his hand at her waist flattened over her stomach and slowly slipped beneath her jeans. Sara gasped. Blood roared in her ears. His hand continued until it had moved beneath her panties. There it stopped to brush her curls.

His lips remained on hers, stoking the fire in her until she squirmed. He nibbled at her ear as his index finger teased her mound. Her legs opened of their own volition. Grant took advantage of the offer and slipped his finger into her center. She writhed with the need for his touch. He returned his mouth to hers and thrust his tongue as his finger mirrored the motion.

Sara’s back bowed as her hips flexed and she came undone. This time she was the star shooting out of this world on the sweet bliss of release.

She’d never been more aware of the power of a single touch.

If Grant had this influence over her with just the use of a finger, what would it be like to have him inside her?

Grant pulled his mouth and hand away. “You are amazing.”

“I think I should be the one saying that.”

His chest seemed to swell with pleasure. “It’s time for the clothes to go.”

“You’re wearing the most. You first,” she mumbled.

Grant stood. Pulling his wallet from his back pocket, he found a small square package and laid it on the bedside table before shucking his clothes. Sara should have known by how uninhibited he’d been during their meeting in the bathroom that he’d feel no compunction about undressing in front of her.

In the dim light coming from the other room she could see he was a striking example of male anatomy. Wide shoulders, muscled chest, lean waist and solid thighs made him seem like an athlete. Her gaze settled on his manhood, which stood proud and tall. All for her.

Grant took her by both wrists and tugged her up to stand in front of him. In a low seductive voice he said, “Now it’s your turn.”

“Grant, I...”

He brushed the outside curve of her breast. “Beautiful. Please share with me.”

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