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She hummed with desire.

* * *

Grant wasn’t sure what had happened to make Sara kiss him but if he’d known stargazing would have this effect on her he would’ve taken her to the Alder Planetarium days ago.

At this rate they were both going to combust. Yet he wanted to savor her, and their night. Not have her regret it. Pulling back, he pushed her hair away from her face, placing slow kisses to her lips. This did little to help him regain control over the locomotive of desire barreling through him. He rolled Sara onto her back and continued to kiss her eyes, cheeks and chin.

Some time later he gasped, “Sweetheart, if we don’t slow down I’m afraid I’m going to embarrass myself with my lack of control. I want this to be memorable between us but for the right reasons.”

She wiggled, teasing him. He liked this side of her. Sara continued to surprise him. Each fascinating facet turned him on more than the next. “Let’s go inside where I can see you.”

Sara stilled. His kiss found her neck this time. If she changed her mind he was afraid he might never recover. Cupping her face in his hands, he found her lips and it felt as if the sun was shining brightly as his met hers.

She pulled him closer, begging for more.

If he didn’t move now he would take her there on the ground, but first he wanted to see her, savor her. He broke away carefully and stood. The moon was rising and there was just enough light for him to see Sara’s uplifted face. There was a hopeful, unsure look there.

Grant reached out a hand. It took a second longer than he’d have liked for her to take it. He needed to get her to the bedroom quickly before she could overthink the ramifications of what they were about to do.

Sara slowly came to her feet. When she was beside him, he brought her against his chest, holding her tight. He kissed her until she moaned and then released her, determined to leave her wanting more. Taking her hand, he started toward the cottage. He silently cursed himself for going so far out in the field.

“What about the blanket?” she asked.

That was his Sara, always practical. “We’ll get it in the morning.” He stopped where they were and pulled her to him, caressing her cheek with his lips. “Can’t get enough of you.”

“I like that idea.”

Her statement only incited the banked hunger burning in him. As abruptly as he’d stopped he started again, bringing her along with him as gently as his need allowed. To his great relief they reached the cottage a minute later.

Inside, he turned on a light switch. The two lamps in the living area came on. Letting go of Sara’s hand, he turned to her. For seconds they looked at each other. Sara’s hair was tousled and her eyes luminous. She was an amazing creature.

In spite of his arousal he wanted things to go slowly between them so that their first time together wouldn’t be stilted or, worse, regretted. “Are you hungry?”


SARA HAD A hard time not to burst out laughing. She couldn’t believe Grant was talking about food at a time like this. It was as if the hot, passionate time between them in the last fifteen minutes hadn’t happened.

Had he changed his mind? Was the big, strong man, who always knew his mind and went for it, suddenly unsure?

She smiled, locking gazes with him. “I am. For you.”

The predatory grin he gave her sent white-hot desire flowing to her center. Boldness with men had never been her strong suit. She’d had boyfriends but none of them had caused her body to vibrate with need as Grant’s did. He made her feel daring and sexy. As if she was not only needed but wanted as a woman. She craved him and this time with him. She’d worry about tomorrow when tomorrow came.

She took Grant’s hand and tugged him toward the big honeymoon bed.

He grinned. “I like this side of you.”

“Oh, there’s more to come.”

His low growl said he was looking forward to that.

She didn’t get to maintain control long. Grant seized her and pulled her onto the bed. As his head lowered he said, “Now, where were we?”

Excitement surged through her. His mouth nuzzled her neck, finding and worshiping the sweet spot below her jaw. As the tip of his tongue touched her heated skin her fingers kneaded his back. His hands moved to her waist and slowly worked their way up her sides to her rib cage until his thumbs rested below her breasts.

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