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He chuckled. “There may not be any scientific truth in it but I know you aren’t as uptight as you were a second ago.”

She smiled. He was right, she wasn’t. “Okay, you win. What do I do?”

“Just look up.”

Sara did so. There were a few stars out. With each minute that passed more joined the others. It became so dark she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face or make out Grant but the show above was amazing. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

“I thought you’d like it.” Minutes went by. “Look, there’s another shooting star.”


He moved beside her. “You have to look quickly or you’ll miss it.”

She searched the sky. “Will there be more?”

“There might be.” His hand brushed her leg.

A tingle of fire went through her. His fingers found hers and he weaved their hands together. They lay in silence. Suddenly there was a trail of light on the horizon. Sara jerked to a sitting position. “I see one.”

“Yes, it is.”


“Lie down. There may be another.”

This time when her head went back a muscled arm lay beneath it. She hesitated a moment before she moved in closer to Grant. His hand cupped her shoulder and he pulled her nearer. Aware of every breath he took, she drew pleasure and comfort from having him close.

“Is stargazing one of your usual date activities?”

“No, I only save it for my wives.”

“You have had more than one wife?”

“Heavens, no,” he said. “For your information, you’re the only woman I’ve ever taken stargazing.”

“I learn something new about you all the time.”

Grant said in a soft voice, “I know a few things about you. Like you have a huge heart, you speak your mind and you love your father. So what do you know about me?”

“I know you care more about people and family than you want to let on. The last thing you wanted to do was raise a child but you plan to do it to the best of your ability and you like chocolate ice cream.”

“How do you know my favorite ice-cream flavor?”

“Do you think you’ve been eating out of the same carton for the last three weeks? I’ve been buying a carton at least once a week with the grocery order.”

He laughed and tugged her closer. “I noticed. I thought it was sweet. Thank you.” His lips found her temple.

Why must he be so nice? She mustn’t get caught up in him or Lily. But it would be so wonderful to pretend for just a little while that she had a husband and child. Her own family. What if she did pretend? Who would it hurt but her? Grant’s only interest in their marriage was getting custody of Lily but he did seem to find her attractive. Lily was so small she would never know Sara had been her mother for a short while. So what if she passed the time enjoying being married to Grant? When he was done with her they could each move on. She would quietly deal with any heartache it might cause. After all, she’d done it before. She could do it again.

But would it be worth it? Oh, yes. Just to have one more of Grant’s kisses...

“There’s one.” Grant rolled her toward him so that she came across his chest.

There was no seeing the star. She and Grant were face to face. What interested her anyway was the hard body beneath her. She placed a hand on his chest, pushing up so her face was above his. Bringing her mouth down, she aimed for what she hoped was his. She found the corner of it and slipped her lips over to completely cover his. It only took a second for his arms to encase her and pull her fully against him.

To her amazement and with a bolster to her self-esteem, she felt his manhood long and hard between them. Grant’s obvious desire fueled her need. A power she’d never known she possessed surged through her. She’d been someone’s daughter, a carrier for someone’s baby, nurse and nanny. At this moment Grant wanted her for just herself. Was there anything in the world more intoxicating?

She nipped at his bottom lip. A groan from deep within him told her he enjoyed her aggression. To ease the pain she ran the tip of her tongue across the spot. That seemed to inflame him more. He pulled and straightened her over him until the tip of his manhood found the V of her legs. Their jeans were the only barrier to ultimate satisfaction.

It was no longer her kiss but his when he teased the seam of her mouth with his tongue. Her hands came up to bracket his face as she opened for him. Had she ever been kissed like this before? Would she be again? Widening her mouth, she opened, greeting him like a long-lost friend. Grant’s tongue thrust in the most erotic manner, causing her to squirm against him. A fire of need grew deep within her. Joining him in the fury of their tongues mating, she let him guide her into releasing to taste again.

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