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Grant’s mouth came towards hers.

Sara’s breath caught. Should she let him kiss her? More importantly, did she want him to?

His breath brushed her lips.

They tingled in anticipation. This wasn’t for practice. For her father’s sake. If she allowed it their relationship would change from one of business to something personal. Could she handle that? Would a kiss be worth the emotional upheaval? But what of the pleasure?

“Help, someone help!”

Grant’s head jerked back. A woman came running toward them.

“See to Lily,” he ordered Sara, as he rushed toward the frantic woman.

Reaching her moments later, he nodded as the woman said between gasps, “There’s been a bike accident. I saw it happen from here. Bad.”

“I’m a doctor. Show me where. Then call 911.”

She pointed on up the winding path. The injured people weren’t visible. He glanced back to see Sara pushing Lily along the path at a bouncing pace. Grant took a more direct route over the grassy area.

A minute later a group of people gathered on the path came into view. As Grant approached he assessed the situation. There were two damaged bicycles lying on the ground, one just off the path and the other still on the cement. Taking a closer look, he could see two men were involved. Thankfully, both still wore their helmets. At least he wouldn’t be dealing with bad head injuries.

Just as Grant arrived at the crowd another biker rode up and jumped off her bike.

“George, are you okay?” she was asking the man lying in the grass.

There was a groan from George, so Grant went down on one knee beside the other man, who had no one with him. The biker’s arm was twisted into an unusual position beside him.

“I’m a doctor. What hurts?”

“My arm. I think it might be broken. Also the side of my face hurts.” The man turned his head to show Grant. A couple of layers of skin were missing from temple to jaw.

“Lie still. An ambulance is on the way. I’m going to leave you to check the other guy. I’ll be back to help you with that arm. Hang in there.”

Grant moved to the other biker. “I’m Dr. Smythe. How’re you feeling?”

“Mouth busted.” Blood streamed out of the right side of it.

“His leg has a big gash. I’m his wife.” The woman beside him pointed down at his leg.

Sara pulled up beside them with the stroller. Lily was crying, probably from her rather wild ride. “How can I help?”

“Just take care of Lily and watch for the ambulance.” Sara was already picking the child up. “We need something to use as a compress on this cut,” Grant said to no one in particular.

A baby diaper was thrusted into his face. He looked up to find Sara holding it.

“It’s adsorbent and you can possibly attach it around the leg, using the Velcro.” Sara handed Lily to the woman who had told them about the accident. Lily’s cries were beginning to calm as the woman jiggled her.

Sara had already returned to going through Lily’s diaper bag. “What kind of injuries does the other man have?”

“Broken arm. Face lacerations.” Grant finished applying the diaper. “Hold this firmly. Like this.” He showed the man’s wife.

Sara was already moving toward their other patient. She dropped the bag on the ground beside the injured man and continued going through it as Grant joined her. “I’ve got a bottle of water, a clean burp pad.” She looked further. “An extra blanket.”

“Roll the blanket. We can fashion a sling out of it. Where’s that ambulance?” Grant grumbled. To the biker he said, “Okay, we’re going to sit you up. I’m going to support your arm. Sara here...” he looked at her for a second “ going to put a sling around it. You’re going to be fine. You may have to hold off on the biking for a few weeks but you’ll be at it again soon.”

Together he and Sara worked slowly and methodically to ease the man into a sitting position and get the arm immobilized. To Grant’s relief, the sound of an ambulance siren filled the air.

Sara stood. “I’ll direct them in.” She was gone.

A few minutes later the ambulance pulled across the green to where they were. Grant explained to the emergency responders what had been done for both men. As the ambulance left, Sara, with Lily in her arms, came to stand beside him.

“You and Lily okay?” he asked.

“We’re both fine.”

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