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“Mrs. Smythe, this is the children’s clinic, calling to remind you that Lily has an appointment at four o’clock today with Dr. Gomaz for her two-month checkup. Please call if you won’t be there.”

Why hadn’t Grant told her about the appointment? Didn’t he know she should be informed of those sorts of things? He shouldn’t have custody of Lily if he couldn’t handle the details of her life.

Mrs. Smythe couldn’t make it but Sara would see Lily was at the appointment.

By that afternoon, Sara had to admit that getting a baby fed and dressed on a deadline was not for the meek and mild. Just strapping one in a car seat was a feat in itself. She had started just after breakfast and she was going to have to hurry to get to the appointment on time. It didn’t help that she was driving an unfamiliar car. At the hospital where the children’s clinic was located, she drove around and around the parking structure, finally locating a space on the top level.

Sara worked Lily out between the parked cars. Removing the stroller from the rear, she was glad she’d had the forethought to bring it. It was unbelievable that one small child was so difficult to handle. Sara smiled. The old saying about walking in a man’s shoes to know what he really did was true.

She managed to get to the doctor’s office just minutes before the appointment. Thankfully the wait wasn’t long. Soon Lily’s name was called. The doctor pronounced her healthy and said she needed a shot. After that the smiling nurse gave it. It hurt Sara almost as if she’d been the one the needle had been used on. Tears came to her eyes. She cuddled the crying Lily close, softly reassuring her.

Still holding Lily, she pushed the stroller out to the checkout window. A sick feeling hit her. She had no way of paying. She’d forgotten to ask Grant about an insurance card. There wasn’t enough money in her personal account for her to cover the cost of the visit.

“Can you just bill Dr. Grant Smythe?” she asked the receptionist.

“I’m sorry but payment is due at time of service.”

“I’m the nanny. Can’t I make some kind of arrangement?” Why hadn’t she’d thought this trip through?

The woman shook her head.

Hot with embarrassment, Sara said, “I need a moment to make a call.” Putting a squalling Lily in her stroller, Sara found her phone and located Grant’s number. She touched it and waited for the call to go through. The longer it rang, the more troubled she became that Grant wouldn’t answer.

The exasperated “Yes?” on the other end both startled and relieved her.

“It’s...” she glanced at the receptionist “...Sara. I’m sorry to bother you but I’m at the children’s clinic—”

“Has something happened?” His voice filled with concern, catching her off guard.

“No, Lily is fine. She had a checkup today. They expect to be paid.”

There was a deep sigh on the other end of the phone. “You needed an insurance card.”

Lily let out an unhappy bellow.

Sara covered her ear. “What?”

“What’s wrong with her?” Grant’s louder voice filled her phone.

“She had a shot and she’s sleepy.” Sara tried hard to contain her irritation.

“Do you have enough money to pay?”

“No. I just bought groceries and this isn’t just a co-pay. Since I have no insurance card, they expect me to pay the entire bill.”

“I’m coming right over.” The connection was broken.

Sara sat in the waiting room, trying to calm the crying Lily, grateful that the hospital was just next door.

Ten minutes later in walked Grant dressed in his blue scrubs with his bright white lab coat pulled over them. He wore black clogs on his feet. All the women in the room stopped what they were doing to look at him. He really was a striking male. It wasn’t that he was glossy cover model handsome as much as he had a commanding presence. He radiated a vibe of being in control. His rich dark hair, intense brown eyes and tall physique made him attractive, but his mystique was what held women spellbound. Including her. She gulped.

Grant stalked to the reception window and spoke quietly to the woman, who smiled up at him like a sap. He indicated Sara and Lily. Minutes later he joined her. “Okay, that’s settled.”

“Thank you.” Sara stood. “Now, just one more thing.”

Grant looked as if he couldn’t be bothered.

Sara held out Lily. “Please hold her while I go to the ladies’ room.”

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