To Tame a Cowboy - Page 63

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Her hips pumped faster and Ryan lifted his head. “You’re in such a hurry.”

“And you’re not moving fast enough,” she told him.

Ryan smiled, turning his attention to the other breast as he eased in and out of her. But there was only so much control he had and, when she tightened around him, he knew she was close.

Reaching down, he slid a hand between them and touched her in her most intimate area. In no time Piper stilled, her body tensed as she bowed and cried out his name.

There was no more beautiful sight than Piper beneath him, coming undone, with his name on her lips. And because he’d held back as long as he could, Ryan gave one last thrust and allowed his climax to overtake him, reveling in the fact this was just the beginning of the best days of his life.

When their tremors ceased, Ryan eased down on top of her, stroking her side and whispering, “I love you” in her ear because he never wanted her to doubt it again.

“Are we going to have a big wedding?” he asked, rolling over just enough so he wasn’t squashing her. “I imagine all of our friends will want to come since they’ve invited us to theirs.”

Piper laced her fingers with his and rested their joined hands on her flat stomach. “I never wanted a big wedding, but I suppose we need to invite all of our friends.”

“Do what you want, Piper,” he told her. “If you want to fly to Vegas, we’ll fly there tonight. If you want to plan something, we’ll plan it.”

Ryan watched the play of emotions on her face. Her brows were drawn, but then her eyes widened and a wide smile spread across her face.

“I’m going to need a real wedding,” she told him, turning her head to meet his gaze. “Nothing elaborate. We can marry at your ranch. I’d like it outside with our closest friends.”

Ryan grinned. “Sounds good to me.”

“And I want my father to walk me down the aisle.”

Ryan searched her face and nodded. “He would love that.”

Piper sighed, snuggling deeper against him. “Timing is everything and I believe he came back now for a reason.”

Ryan wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. There was nothing that satisfied him more than seeing Piper so happy, so content.

“I never thought I’d marry you,” he whispered. “I always knew I loved you, but I never thought I actually had a chance at winning your heart.”

Her face tipped up to his. “Oh, you won my heart, cowboy. Now you’re going to have a long, long time with your prize.”

Ryan kissed the tip of her nose. “Best prize I ever won.”

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