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“Fine then.” Walker smiled. “Damn, I’m glad I’m back home.”

Piper knew in her heart Ryan was here to stay. The man hadn’t been gone too long before he realized where his heart belonged and she was quite certain that had a friend not needed him to begin with, he never would’ve left.

Piper crossed the room and bent to hug her father. “I’m glad you’re back, too. This will be the most memorable Thanksgiving ever.”


Ryan closed and locked the bedroom door. He didn’t know what had shocked him more today, that Piper had agreed to marry him or that her father was back and they seemed to be building a relationship. He’d give anything to have his parents back and he was proud of Piper for giving her father another chance.

She came out of the bathroom wearing a short, silky black gown that stopped at midthigh and had a deep vee in the front.

“God, I’ve missed your lingerie,” he said.

Piper laughed. “As opposed to my sunny disposition and my snarky comments?”

“I’ve missed it all.” He pushed off the door and started unbuttoning his shirt. “I never want to be away from you again.”

Piper held his gaze. “On that we can agree. I was miserable and then when Dad came I was even more torn up. But you’re both here, you’re both in my life and I can’t ask for more.”

“I’m surprised you seem so comfortable with your dad. Did you two have a fast reunion  ?”

She nodded, holding on to the post of the bed. “He has cancer.”

“My God, Piper.” Ryan froze. “Is he okay? Are you?”

“I’m okay and so is he. He’s finished his treatments and the doctors say he’s well on his way to recovery. But he told me it made him realize what was important. At first I was angry that it took a potentially terminal illness to wake him up, but then I decided I had a second chance and if he was willing to try, then so was I.”

Ryan shrugged out of his shirt, tossed it aside and made fast work of his boots, socks and jeans. Standing in only his boxer briefs, he crossed to her.

“I’m glad you’ve been in the mood for second chances lately.”

She tipped her face up to meet his and smiled. “I’m not as hard as I used to be. I guess that’s what love does to you.”

He slid his hands around her waist and tugged her against him. “Say it again. I’ll never tire of hearing you say you love me.”

She looped her arms around his neck. “I do, Ryan. I love you so much that I was completely shattered when you left.”

Ryan didn’t want to focus on the negative and he sure as hell didn’t want to think about the ass he’d been.

“Let’s look forward,” he told her, nipping her lips. “Let’s pretend I wasn’t a jerk and now that my priorities are in the right order, we can start planning our wedding. Because I can’t wait until you are Mrs. Piper Grant.”

A wide smile spread across her freshly washed face. “I love how that sounds.”

His hands slid up her bare arms. Taking her thin straps, he eased them down. “I love how you dress for me,” he whispered. “I love how I can peel you out of this in no time. And I love how you feel around me.”

The straps rested on her biceps and she slipped her arms free. The material hung on her breasts until Ryan gave one swift tug and sent the garment to the floor with a whoosh. She stepped out of it and stood in front of him wearing nothing but his ring.

“You undo me, Piper.” His eyes raked over her as he ridded himself of his briefs. “I’m nothing without you.”

“Show me,” she told him as she held out her hands and led him toward the bed.

He tumbled down on top of her, sinking into the plush comforter. Easing her legs apart, he settled between her hips.

Resting his elbows beside her head, he lifted his body slightly. Watching her face, her parted lips, her soft eyes, Ryan slid into her in a slow, deliberate move that had her arching her back and closing her eyes.

“Look at me,” he whispered. “Always look at me, at us.”

Her eyes locked on to his and he felt her love, her power, all the way to his heart.

Her ankles locked behind his back as her hips lifted beneath his. Ryan knew she wanted fast and rough, but he wanted slow and memorable.

Setting the pace he wanted, he leaned down, kissed her lips then slid his mouth down the column of her throat until he found one pert nipple. When he clamped his mouth around her, she tightened her grip with her knees on his sides.

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