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As he pumped in and out of her, he slid one hand up to palm a breast.

“Ryan,” she panted. “Oh...”

That’s right. His was the only name that would be on her lips if he had any say.

“You’re so damn sexy,” he said. “I can’t get enough.”

“Me, either.”

Between her wet body bent over the saddle stand and her tight center, Ryan knew he was close. But Piper started jerking her hips faster, squeezing his hand tighter and within seconds she was contracting around him.

Ryan couldn’t hold back another second. He pumped one last time and stilled. The climax shook his body, taking control as never before.

Beneath him Piper had rested her head on her arm and was still breathing hard.

When he’d finished trembling, he wrapped both arms around her waist and enveloped her body beneath his. He never wanted to be apart, never wanted this satisfaction to come to an end. But he had a decision to make and he feared her reaction wouldn’t be in his favor.

“Did we make it out alive?” she muttered beneath him. “I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience.”

Ryan chuckled. “I feel honored I’ve made it into a cliché.”

“God, that was...yeah.”

“You feel so good,” he told her, kissing her bare, wet shoulder. “Think we could just stay like this?”

“As long as you don’t have anywhere to be or anyone coming for a visit.”

“I do have a boy coming for training in the morning.”

Beneath him Piper laughed. “I think he may get more schooling than he signed on for if he catches us like this.”

Ryan eased up, pulling her with him. “You sure do look hot bent over a saddle stand, Red.”

“You cowboys and your fantasies.” She slid her arms up around his neck. “But I may have a fantasy or two of my own when it comes to you.”

His hands slid down, cupping her bare rear end. “Feel free to use me for any and all fantasies from here on out.”

Her eyes widened. “Are you...”

“I’m thinking long-term, Red. You know I want to settle with roots here. I’ve become a member of the Texas Cattleman’s Club, I’m opening a rodeo school in the spring. I’m pretty happy with my life and I’m more than happy with the way we’re heading.”

“And where are we heading, Ryan?” she asked, her eyes searching his.

“I want to share our relationship,” he told her. “We always seem to stay in.”

“Because we’re always naked,” she told him with a smile. “Besides, you took me to Claire’s last week.”

“Yes, but we’ve been to Claire’s as friends before. I want to take you as my girlfriend.”

Piper’s smiled widened. “I so wish there was another term for that. I mean, we are thirty and that sounds so high school. But I do love the fact you want to go public.”

He kissed her softly, passionately, then pulled back. “Maybe public can wait till tomorrow. I’d rather work on some of those fantasies you had in mind.”

Ryan led her to the tack room where he closed the door. He wanted to enjoy tonight. He wanted to spend hours of bliss with nothing between them.

Tomorrow he would tell her he’d made up his mind to rejoin the circuit for a few months to help a friend win the championship. He would try his damnedest to persuade her to come along with him and they could still be just as happy on the road.

And while all that sounded perfect in a dream world, Ryan knew he wouldn’t be feeling so nervous about telling her if he thought she’d take the news well.

Yeah, his nerves didn’t come from the thought of telling her; his unsettled worry stemmed from her reaction. Deep down he knew she would hate this news. But would she hate it enough to stay behind? Would she look beyond the fact he was leaving again and see what they mean to each other?

Morning would come all too soon and he’d have his answer.


Piper stretched. Muscles screamed, but her body had never felt better.

She glanced across the room to the small picture on Ryan’s nightstand—a picture of the two of them as kids. Messy, dirty, holey jeans and cowboy hats. Piper smiled as she remembered that day. She’d wanted to impress Ryan and had convinced him to come to her house to meet her dad.

Walker Kindred had snapped a picture of the two of them in front of Piper’s mare, Flash. Piper had never been more proud to be the daughter of a rodeo star. But that stardom had certainly come at a price and she and her mother had paid it.

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