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Ryan kissed her shoulder, moving his way across to her neck, then down to take one nipple into his mouth. Piper wasn’t sure what else he had in mind, but her body was still humming and she didn’t know how much longer she was going to have to wait.

Time to take charge.

She shoved him back and smiled. Placing a hand on his chest, she eased him back until his legs came in contact with the tiled bench. Ryan sank onto it and Piper settled one knee on either side of his hips.

Ryan leaned back against the wall. “This is a view I could get used to, as well.”

Piper laughed. “You have a boob fetish.”

“I’m a guy.”

Piper started to sink down onto him, but Ryan gripped her waist and halted her progress.

“Condom?” he asked.

Piper closed her eyes and groaned. “I don’t have any.”

He nipped at her lips. “I’ve never gone without one and I have regular physicals.”

“Same here,” she panted. “And I’m on birth control.”

His eyes sought hers. “I want to feel you. Only you.”

“Please,” she begged.

“I want to remember this, Piper. I don’t want you to forget this moment.”

Her eyes locked on to his. “As if I could.”

She captured his lips as she sank down, consuming him in so many ways. He filled her, more than she’d initially thought he would and Piper took a moment to adjust.

“Okay?” he asked, his forehead resting against hers.

Piper nodded as she started moving, slowly at first, then faster. Ryan continued to grip her hips as his mouth found her breast. She braced her hands on the wall behind his head and pumped her body faster because another wave of glorious pleasure was building and she wanted to take him with her this time.

Piper shut her eyes, bit her lip, but nothing could hold back the scream as another climax took over.

Beneath her, Ryan stilled as he tilted his head back against the wall. The muscle in his jaw clenched and Piper rode out her pleasure with him. His body tightened and Piper had never seen a more glorious sight than Ryan giving in to total bliss and abandonment.

And when she wrapped her arms around his neck, rested her head on his shoulder, she let the cool shower beat down on her because she knew this night of passion was just getting started.


Piper lay across her bed, sweaty, sated and sore. Mercy sakes, that man knew how to deliver on a promise. When he’d said he’d been thinking about intimacy with her for years she’d kind of laughed it off, but after that performance, she was inclined to believe him. That man had skills she’d never experienced before.

There wasn’t a part of her body he hadn’t touched either with his hands or his soft words. Piper would be lying if she didn’t admit her heart had been just as involved as her body during their lovemaking last night. Getting tangled up with Ryan was something she certainly hadn’t planned on, but there was no way she could’ve fought off the desire, the passion, any longer.

And now that her heart was becoming more immersed, she knew she had to watch every step she took in this new relationship. The last thing she could handle was losing his friendship. He’d been her rock, her sounding board and her fun-time friend for twenty years. Nothing could break her more than losing that solid foundation in her life.

The electricity still hadn’t returned and she was going to have to fire up her generator so she could turn on her box fans or she’d end up in a cold shower again...not that the first round was bad.

She started to pull away from the dead weight of Ryan’s thick, muscular arm across her bare torso. She loved the feel of him on her, around her, in her. Who knew her best friend had such mad skills in the bedroom? No wonder all those buckle bunnies were traipsing after him at every event.

The man could ride without fear and never break a sweat. He was cool under pressure, but when it came to the bedroom, Ryan Grant was anything but laid-back. The man was in control, dominant and sexy as hell. The way he silently demanded affection... The way he so selflessly pleasured her over and over again... Piper was utterly ruined for any other man.

And how in the world could she ever go back to being just his friend? Yeah, that would never happen. No way could she look at him, talk to him, eat a meal with him and not recall the way he’d made her feel, the way he’d looked at her as he moved within her.

“Where are you going?” he mumbled, half his face squished into the wrinkled sheet.

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