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His eyes came back up to hers. “If you knew what I want from you, you would be afraid.”

“There’s nothing you can do to scare me away,” she told him, easing closer. “I know you, inside and out. And if you’d shut up, I could get to know you a whole lot more.”

In one swift move, Ryan lifted her up walked into the newly renovated bathroom. Thankfully she’d washed the dust out of the shower last night so she could see the tile work.

Holding on to Piper, he stepped over the small tiled edge into the wide, open shower with nozzles on each of the side walls. This was one area she’d refused to skimp on and, man, she was so glad she had put in the extra cash for this luxurious, oversize shower.

Water slid over her body as Ryan reached up and tugged on her hair. Piper stepped aside, pulled the rubber band loose and flung it out of the shower. Ryan took both hands, shaking out her day’s worth of sloppy ponytail and tilted her head so her hair became soaked from the spray.

Closing her eyes, Piper relished the moment of being held, cherished, pampered and even loved by her best friend in a way she never thought possible. There was nothing awkward or weird about their coming together. If anything, being naked in the shower with Ryan was a level of perfection she’d never experienced in her life.

Piper held on to his arms and lifted her head. Water dripped into her face and Ryan eased down, using his lips to capture the droplets on her forehead, her cheeks, her lips. Cupping both breasts, he sank to his knees and kissed her flat stomach.

“I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight,” he said, looking back up at her. “I’d stay on my knees forever for you, Piper.”

Damn, why did he have to say things like that? She didn’t want the whole of forever to enter into this. She wanted sex. That’s all. She didn’t know if this would work and bringing another complication into the mix made her uncomfortable. For now, she needed to concentrate on the fact that she was about to make love to Ryan.

Before she could reply, he kissed her stomach again, his hands roaming down her waist and settling at her hips. Instinct had her spreading her legs wide, placing her hands on his wet, muscular shoulders.

Ryan kissed her belly button and made a path down until he was at her center where she ached the most. Strong hands gripped her hips as he kissed her inner thighs, one agonizing inch at a time.

Piper looked down, wanting to see him, knowing the erotic image they made, and the knowledge of what he was about to do turned her on even more. This was a giant step beyond making love and she couldn’t do a thing to stop him. She’d lost all control over this situation—perhaps she never had it to begin with. Ryan literally held her in the palm of his hands.

He used his thumbs to spread her apart and he took no time in gliding his tongue across her. Piper’s knees nearly buckled, but his hold on her hips tightened as he made love to her with his mouth.

Easing back, Piper rested against the tile next to the pulsing spray. She needed more, so much more, but she didn’t know what or even how to ask. Every part of her screamed for release, yet she didn’t want it to end too soon. She could hardly control herself and she wanted to remember this moment.

As if Ryan knew what she needed, he slid a hand down her leg and took her foot, placing it on the small bench along the back wall of the shower. Exposed as she was, Piper felt sensations she never knew were possible with her body. She’d certainly never experienced anything like this before.

Her hips pumped; her hands went into Ryan’s hair, his shoulders, anywhere she could reach because the turmoil her body was going through was driving her insane. She needed... She didn’t know what she needed. Faster, slower, harder. Something to make this ache subside.

Ryan eased a finger inside her and...yes. That was it. Piper jerked her hips against him as her body tightened and the climax slammed into her. Ryan continued his assault with his mouth and hand until her shivers ceased.

But when he looked up her body at her, Piper heated all over again.

“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he told her, coming to his feet and leaning his full length against her body. “I can’t wait, Piper. I need you now. We can do slow later.”

Later. She liked the sound of that. One word held so much promise and the fact they were just getting started sent thrills of excitement through her.

The flickering of the candlelight combined with the cool temperature of the shower and the added effects from Mother Nature had Piper wishing this unexpected night would never end.

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